Chess Master Pretends To Be A Beginner ♟️#chessmaster #grandmaster

Dina and Andrea got trolled by IM Alex Banzea @alexbanzea

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  1. Bro puts all his peons more hard than GOT

  2. isnt that the chess girl from that one blind dating video

  3. Noi suntem romani noi suntem aici pe veci stapani

  4. So is it not insulting to say. Wait wait you're actually playing good. …

  5. uhmm.. forgive my curiosity
    but why was there a game-
    hault as if he did something
    wrong let alone delaying the
    inevitable which is her losing
    ( probably ended a perfect record )

    i understand her instant frustration
    but not that disappointment she felt
    the moment after realizing My Dad…

  6. I Like Andreea … i think i found My crush ❤️

  7. Her dad was like "please go beat these women, boy"

  8. saying 1500 is a beginner is hilarious 😂

  9. Nah your dad was the one that was really making the chess moves without you knowing it 😂😂😂

  10. I wonder if she knew where he was ranked if she would've played it differently. This I'd why I always treat any opponent as if they were better than me.

  11. the amount of money your dad has to prank you like that lol.

  12. Hahaha chess is still for nerds… I love chess i wish I was better at it 🙁

  13. You're actually playing good" chick lost before it started

  14. "my dad sent him to prank us Switch the prank with"date" us" 😂

  15. I gotta learn chess. God damn, she’s beautiful

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