Chess Master Pretends To Be A Beginner ♟️#chessmaster #grandmaster

Dina and Andrea got trolled by IM Alex Banzea @alexbanzea

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  1. Dad trying to introduce his daughter to
    Someone lol

  2. bro just called me below begginer in 400 languages

  3. Bro folded so quick. 0 rizz from anyone but Carlsen in the chess community

  4. ok, I'm not interested in chess, but I saw some shorts, I understand that if this guy had 100 points more, he would be a grand master?

  5. The video should have ended after "And my dad…"

  6. Bro just fought a woman who has higher ranking in snapchat score

  7. The other girl wore her skimpiest tennis outfit in a chess match, just to distract him

  8. The Dad: That's for yelling in the house while playing chess🗿

  9. Well..a 2,400 is going to destroy a WGM.😂

  10. Seeing their daughters doing pranks Dad thought to teach them a lesson .
    Great Dad.

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