Chess Match Gets TOO Intense…

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  1. lol levy use clickbait title even though we all know that is anna cramling is so funny

  2. Gotham why dont u cover MIKHAIL TAL's gameplay, u get surprised when someone sacrifice their rook but bro TAL sacrifices his queen and other material for fun

  3. You forgot how to play chess because you were distracted by a beautiful woman…be honest Levy!

  4. eric rosen invented the egg on his channel. there. i said it for you.

  5. Hey Levi you are a huge inspiration to me and because of your channel I got 2000 elo in just 13 months! And thanks to the EGG opening I am currently sitting at a comfortable 450 elo! Thanks Levi!

    This is a joke btw I haven't gotten over 600 yet

  6. The vid title being in Anna's style is so funny!

  7. Who was that man who better than Levy and anna ?

  8. I literally play the egg thinking it was a good opening just cause u win a lot of games with that. Guess what? Now im fuck

  9. Would a "cabbage" or "baggage" opening work? Maybe backwards…. "Dead" or "deaf"?

  10. How about Cow vs beef? 1.b3 2.e3 3.e4 4.f4

  11. I think I wanna be like Levy I'ma adopt the EGG(G) now 🫡

  12. Is it fair to say that if you play "the egg" in a rated game, you deserve to get…beaten! 🤣😛

  13. Glad we can only see Levi’s top half. He’s getting sturdy… 😂

  14. call it the white egg with white and the brown egg with black

  15. "Kings" "egg" "long castle" c'mon, she gotta find herself a boyfriend already

  16. 4:43 can someone tell me why knight to h6 for black is bad?
    It covers the bishop which is attacked by knight and bishop, if they take first then you can exchange and end up with queen in that position.
    If they don’t attack then you can develop the other knight into b4?
    I’m terrible at chess but I’m trying to learn, so don’t be too harsh 😂
    (I think I’m saying the positions right?)

  17. "The board looks different in France." I don't normally repeat something someone said in the youtube video in my comments, but dear god was that funny. The delivery was what made it. It was JUST sarcastic enough that maybe somebody wouldn't catch it at first, and then they would start thinking, "How can the board look different in another country?…Wait. This is Levy we're talking about. That was a joke."

  18. Dude Levy is looking big in this, a beast on and off the board

  19. Anna: *gets massive lead in development
    Also Anna: *closes the position with d5
    Also Anna: *trades queens

  20. Anna still tries to find a way to justify her loss by “ I blame him “ mentality.
    Don’t be fooled, she often makes excuses for losses whether joking or not, she usually tries to find a way to minimize.

  21. Anna is quite a good chess player, however in games like this she plays absolutely terrible (here she missed ridiculously obvious moves like Nb5, Nf5, scared and traded queens etc.), I think that the reasons for that are:
    1. She is scared when playing stronger players
    2. Her trash/small talks backfire, and gets her (not her opponent) out of focus
    3. She is not very good in blitz (needs more time to think)

  22. 2 things: Play the BAD opening (B-A-D) and funny how bad most players are without prep and theory….

  23. Do you know why they never eat more than one egg in France? Because in France, one egg is an oeuf

  24. The problem is it's so different when I play on a real board then online who has the same problem

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