Chess Memes #116 | When Pawn CHECKMATES

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Chess Memes #116 | When Pawn CHECKMATES

Luv u guys


If you’re looking to learn how to play chess and improve your Elo rating – watch out – this video might make you lose brain cells!

We have the best chess memes compilations to give you your daily dose of chess. We’ve got chess memes, blunders, and checkmates in our chess commentary.

We love chess memes, and we make these chess videos for you whether you’re a noob, pro, casual player, or the best in your friend group. Here to make you laugh 🙂 and to mail you a free cookie when you subscribe.


  1. bishop: hey queen have you ever heard of war thunder
    proceeds to play an actual official war thunder ad
    gets back to video
    Queen: attempts to kill bishop

  2. Hope when the bishop era ends, the bishop race will get respect

  3. Pov:trying to get the most liked comment

  4. One of the fews channels that makes You see the sponsor instead la skipping it

    (I WAS 1 HR LATE)

  6. Those videos seem to be scripted and are getting boring with those horsey and black bishop jokes…

  7. i already downloaded war thunder
    and registered and got the bonus :3

  8. when you realize his video is more entertaining before the bishop era

  9. Is it just me or it feels like this bishop erase sucks

  10. Pieces have no clue what a trade is… They call it a sacrifice even if it's "equal equal"

  11. I still don’t feel bad for the king w bishop

  12. Every time I finish a top chess I'm sad in contemplating what to do now but when they post a new one video I yelled yea!

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