Chess Slander….

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  1. wow i didn’t know levy was a south park fat discord mod

  2. I only know 1 opening and it's not even the completely version

  3. Apparently me being too lazy to memorise openings makes me a gigachad. Dunno how it worked out like this but I'm not unhappy with this development.

  4. Petition to put the Botez gambit in the next part

  5. Tbh I never cared to learn openings I just always do either a knight or kings pawn all and I later found out all the things I was doing were real openings like wtf is the French I'm just a pawn pushing simpleton

  6. i kinda wish i could say i am not the "0 openings guy" but i will show off my 800 elo with pride

  7. Halloween Gambit Players (Me) Using an objectively bad opening bc it’s funny

  8. My friend knows like 15 opening and I beat him every time without knowing any

  9. Very true. Ik no openings but I still win

  10. I had to look in the comments to realise that it was Gotham. Didn't expect memes on this channel

  11. As someone who doesnt knowb shit ab chess, this is straight facts

  12. You should do one for the people with no game plan all they know is put the pawns in a zig zag formation

  13. Gothamchess, hikaru, and magnus carlsen do the caro kann

  14. You didn't need to do us caro-kann players like that…

  15. I'm gonna share my journey on chess. So, no lie but I don't know any openings. Like I only use common sense. Opponent's gambits don't work on me since I can clearly see the idea. I've been playing chess with my dad randomly since the past 3 years so that's maybe why I got good at chess without learning any openings and gambits. I know some like King's gambit, Queen's gambit and Sicilian defense but I only know the name since I hear them quite a few times and never knew the way on how to do it! My current elo is 2,100 btw

  16. The fact that he picked two of the openings he put in his own courses (Caro and Vienna) is crazy.

  17. lol I play London all the time and this sounds right on target

  18. Ah yes i declares myself as a 0 opening player

  19. Chess Slander? More like Opening Slander!

  20. I know one opening
    and it IS the whale.

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