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  1. Queens gambit opening players when it gets declined and they don't get an instant advantage :

  2. You forgot the

    🤓: I play the Sicilian Dragon Defense!

  3. Fr people be like Vienna gambit is mid, let's play fried liver soo awesome

  4. I am a London system player and that's true

  5. I only play the Sicilian Dragon because the name sounds cool.

  6. Damm that shit is fireee 🔥🔥🔥🔥 MOREEE

  7. As a Sicillian player i can confirm you that 😂😂

  8. Im a king gambit caro kann player w/ black or white

  9. Waiting for a gotham comment section without bots 💀💀💀💀

  10. Meanwhile, me as a Sodium Attack player 😂

  11. as a preferred Ruy Lopez opening i find this funny

  12. I blame levy for the amount of Londons i run into where they slide the bishop back to g3 to "tRaDe oN thEiR tErMs" like its not even the best move. Vienna gambit is easy no one under 1500 knows the main line where black just plays d5 and captures e4.

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