Connor Price – Chess (Lyric Video)

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Song Produced by: SIKKY
Song Mixed & Mastered by: Christian Sagum


℗ 2022 – 4 of Clubs LLC

#ConnorPrice #chess #trillium


  1. Omg so well done, lyrical artistry 💯💯💯

  2. Spiting bars while im overtaking cars
    And passing stars! You would think its all over but my aim is pointing to mars.

    I’m behind the wheel
    I got one hand up on the steerin’ wheel
    Other hand up on the rear view
    ‘Cause on one hand, I need tunnel vision
    Other hand, I need a clear view
    On my peer group when I pass ’em up

    The hook….

    Level up level up! That might come in handy.
    Unless you want me to shut you up and give you some candy!

    Looking out of my window and all I see is white… that's right! because I've always been know to be icy!

    Level up level up! That might come in handy.
    Unless you want me to shut you up and give you some candy!


  3. Connor is a monster, dammn bro, everything here is on fire

  4. Ren (unique art & deep)
    Confz (London vibe)
    Tom McDonald (very political!)
    NF (story & lyrical)
    Connor Price (flow & lyrical)
    Joyner Lucas (Modern rap, but skilled)
    AK (flow & raw)

    All brilliant.

  5. You should collab with therealak bro, that would be insane

  6. "They throwin me shade, I'm lovin the breeze.

    He needs to do a track with Cal Scruby

  7. Yo I amplify vibes I can duplicate I'll just flow with you for vibe sake bro letss goo!

  8. “They throwin’ me shade in lovin’ the breeze” I literally went DAAYYUUMMM in the middle of class…

  9. Lol you used your lines on that remix you did on drake

  10. One hand on the steering wheel
    other hand on the rear view
    cause in one hand I need tunnel vision
    And the other one a clear view 🔥🔥😳

  11. another call back from the "if i was featured on" series. I love recognizing these lyrics

  12. "w's i stack em up like the logo for the wrestling" hard.

  13. Yo think you could hook up a collab with neffex? Word thanks!

  14. The thing I love about these line is the meaning behind them.
    I've been inspired.

  15. dad said dont hold back go get that dont hesitate
    mom said just step back go slow it down go meditate
    told myself stay humble dont say it all with your chest out
    but my girl keeps on telling me that im the best out!

  16. 😳🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


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