Dear YouTube, WOW!

Today Hikaru played a CRAZY barn-burner of a game vs Wesley So in the Grand Final of the American Cup 2023. This is his Recap.

Hikaru references this recap:

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  1. Hikura, didn’t even change his shirt before making this video. You are a god bro. Thanks for the content. Your motivation and skill is ranked #1 in the world. You should try for world title.

  2. Hyped for the rapid tiebreakers tonight. Rooting for Hikaru

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  4. Even in the video he referenced, he was drawing from a previous game he played even before that! Amazing

  5. Around 8 minutes you talk about keeping games simple because it's a match, but now that you're no longer a professional chess player it's just content with bonus cash if you perform well, so no reason not to just go all in and make the best chess you've ever wanted to play.

    This game was a banger and it was great to have the privilege of seeing it so well covered, including that queen sack to remind everyone that chess players do have a sense of humor.

  6. Wesley So is one of the best opponent of Hikaru…

  7. Holy shit. I'm playing at the Mid American Open 15 minutes away from the Chess Hall of Fame where this is being played. I was there today!

  8. can someone explain how was that a stalemate if the pony is stil jumping?
    Edit: Nvm, the pony is pinned

  9. I sack the queeeennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnmmmmm!!!!

  10. A cooler stalemate would have been Qh3+!! when both King takes and pawn takes are stalemate.

  11. Naka talks a mile a minute with humor and great insights. I'm a FIDE Master and have to pay full attention to follow everything. He's obviously a genius. I should watch at 0.75 speed.

  12. Anyone know why Hikaru harps that he's not a professional chess player?

  13. What a kabab in chess? I know it's meat in my country but what is it in chess? Kabab??

  14. heyyyyy hikaru , watched john wick chapter 4 ?

  15. Nice jab at Cristian during the interview

  16. why does the highest rated player start with white? The other way around would make more sense no?

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