Didn’t See That Move Coming! #shorts #viral #chess #memes

Today, I play chess with some extra rules! I include Uno cards, some Monopoly money, a little touch of Scrabble, and a die to spice up the game! Let’s be real, chess really does need a new update badly. So here it is! You’re welcome. Anyways, if you enjoy the chess memes YouTube shorts, make sure to subscribe and let me know in the comments.

From the comment by @MarioOLL6251
Here are the moves:
1. e4 UNO Reverse (Brilliant)
2. Un-e4 e5
3. 6-die roll capture WaterPawnb5
4. Na4+Nb4 WaterPawnb5xa4b4
5. e4+Skip
6. Qh5+ Qg6 Bribe $500
7. Queen declines Queen bribes $1000
8. Qx$1000 N/A
9. Spelled Queen Heart Attack
White wins by opponent’s heart attack

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  1. Chess with spell cards you can use to gain special abilities must be so awesome.

  2. the british cant play the bribe part because they lost the queen

  3. This is the most ultimate game there was mixed I bet Dwayne The Rock can beat LeBron the dreams with the chest hardened

  4. If i were to update chess i wouldn't change anything except the king. The king would get a new move called banish, banish allows the king to get rid of 5-8 piece's. How is this possible? Since the king can only move one space anywhere after 3 moves the king can get rid if any surrounding pieces within that space the king can move, it gets better because those pieces that the king gets rid of comes back after the fourth turn but those pieces have to go back to the exact space that they left and if that space is not available for the banished piece that piece automatically gets captured. Although this move sounds OP it really isn't because banish can only be used if there is a piece within the kings range that means that Queens won't be affected by the King move unless the queen goes to the king, this is more of a defensive move than offensive because now it's harder to checkmate a king up close because of banish.

  5. Is nobody gonna talk about the board named checkers?

  6. 😂😂😂😂chess ♟️ dramaaaaaaaaaaa🎉🎉🎉😂😂😂😂😂😂❤❤

  7. The horses only wanted some water 🙁

  8. Ah yes you took 7 pawns and you roller a 6

  9. No no no no that's not real that's fake there's no like that

  10. Chess in Ohio be like 😂 💀

  11. It seems like the game was really updated

    Because he’s using a Chinese checkers board 💀💀💀

  12. No one noticed the classic Chinese checkers 😂

  13. Bro these chess mods just get crazier

  14. But then the queen drowned in the pond

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