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  1. Chess Bampire Advanced

    13 – Wicked Season

    Condition changes per 15 material lost.
    Summer: Capturing a Piece gives a free Pawn move.
    Fall: Capturing a Pawn allows capturing the defending Pawn.
    Winter: Moving a Piece makes it Hanging
    Spring: Moving a Pawn blocks Piece capture.

  2. It's really a problem that no one has an idea how many people are cheating, especially at the top level where a small hint can be a huge help without creating too much suspicion.

  3. Hikaru no saint, he accused Arjun Erigaisi of cheating without any evidence. Now after accused by Cramnik, Hikaru got the same tonic.

  4. We know from cycling, people do what they are incentivized to do, and others will follow as justification

  5. there should be an punishment if any anybody is accusing peoples many times . I think . Well thank you levy for telling about the chess news 🙂 . Bye .

  6. Hey Levy, could you please make a video on how to win at Dutch Defense?

  7. Buncha crybabies. Everyone knows human beings never cheat.

  8. Kramnik is likely a cheater. That is why he is pursuing suspected cheaters in an obsessive manner. There is a psychological trait, "You spot it, you got it" Look it up!

  9. I'm no expert, but isn't it like 7 o'clock in the morning in New York?

  10. Everybody is cheating. There's entire YouTube channels dedicated to teaching you how to cheat. What's the point of online chess anymore?

  11. To me it just seems like some people are too soft and can't take L's anymore. They've got nothing better to do than resort to cheating suspicions.

  12. Why am i watching this with an exam in 10hrs 😭😭

  13. Please show Anand vs Aronian 2013 Tata Steel

  14. Levy never fails to include chess in his videos

  15. Kramnik got that fisher syndrome

  16. Top players are loosers who can't accept defeat from young and New players. They think only top 10 players can beat them.🤡🤡🤡

  17. Sadly, online chess can never be serious.

  18. chess scandals will end when gotham becomes a gm

  19. The chess world is on fire ?? Aaaah ' burns to death '

  20. levy was this is close to not add magnus in a video…..😆

  21. Even if Levy cheats he still wouldn't be able to become GM

  22. Carlsen-Neimann Chess scandal got me into chess and I think a lot of people got into chess because of that and The Queen's Gambit

  23. Hikaru A used several Brazilian of cheating with no reason, such a cry baby

  24. surely it’s not as bad as siege’s cheater problem right?

  25. Can you do a video on the 12 year old Turkish prodigy you mentioned in the video? Looks interesting and i'm Turkish too so i'd love it

  26. Levy is a handsome young man. I wish he was single.

  27. This is the chess equivalent of ufc "everyone is on steroïdes "

  28. Missed you

    First time you didn't post in 24hrs

  29. Can u make a video how people cheats in various ways in chessss

  30. Wow! Kramnik is going after Naroditsky now?! he doesn’t know when to quit.

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