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  1. here's a thought. what do these accusers gain by saying another is cheating? Easier tournaments? No, because there are too many other great player to replace them

  2. To be honest, when I think about last year's WC match, I might think that Nepo was the one to cheat to get the second shot at the title. Paranoia is deadlier to the game than cheating itself at this stage. Equally cheating as well as baseless accusations should be punished.

    The same way that trashing a hotel room is, hehe.

  3. It's not true that there are no repercussions from false accusations. They can lead to you losing some, if not all, credibility, like with Kramnik.

  4. Chess is starting to sound like Star Craft. Everybody is a hacker somehow.

  5. Keep the good videos coming. You are winning me over. I like the straight news and no hype.

  6. What people don't seem to understand is players like Magnus can play certain opening vs Stockfish and remember every single move that Stockfish played against that opening.

  7. Sounds like all these people throwing accustations around are just hooked up on copium not being willing to entertain the idea that they are falling off or that others now reached their level.

  8. Chess a vain sport. Some of the accusers just don't train hard anymore. But think they should still be contenders . Facts.

  9. How can I participate in your next gte?

  10. I was playing someone in blitz and was accused of cheating. In reality i was just playing really bad.

  11. Lazavik plays Hikaru
    Kramnik: hmmm, very interesting

  12. every games has cheaters at every levels. from amateur anything to olympics.

  13. Technically everyone using stockfish in any way is cheating. Be it for review or learning purpose.

  14. Times r changing and some can’t handle it.

  15. Levi's Spanish is pretty, must be working on it to impress Anna.

  16. Look one day one player will surpass you in turms of rating cause they are may be originally better than you in chess. If being better means you cheating then nothing to say.

  17. Magnus wife is cheating! What's that? Oh Magnus is gay… gotcha.

  18. I don't think i could stay awake during a classical game. Blitz and bullet are the most fun to play but on a lazy sunday rapid can be nice.

  19. Everyone who loss say I am cheater everyone who win laugh at me 😢

  20. I'm well below GM and i think i run into cheaters nearly every 3 games. They do it so slyly it's impossible for us to know.

  21. I may not understand the chess world at all as i'm just a casual player who's 600 but this feels like high school drama, leaked dms, accusations and all.
    It's just embarassing
    Of course cheating is a problem but there's many ways to tackle this issue, this isn't a good one in my opinion


  23. Basically most top GMs are being kids nowadays crying after losing a game

  24. Can i be the one who sits behind Levy next time he plays in the im not a GM tournament?

  25. 11:40 It would be "rendimiento" but he just borrowed the word from English

  26. When comes the Video about Niemann destroying his hotel room?

  27. There is an institute of s. c. white hat hackers, who search for security holes but not for the criminal benefit; maybe the chess community needs an institute of white hat cheaters as well.

  28. If online chess is anything like other online games, then there's probably a lot of cheating going on.

  29. Are you Levy because your Rozman or are you Rozman because your Levy?

  30. I see a lot of (older) players from big chess countries (USA Russia, France), accusing new and young players from smaller countries (Peru, Belarus, etc.). Not good. And many of them seem to not grasp that ELO ratings are broken.

  31. This is why chess will never be as popular as it is now.

  32. 4:50 "Ian is way too strong to blunder" as I remember Ian blundered a bishop in world cup against Carlsen.

  33. were gonna need an xray-cam too to check for beads

  34. The lower rated player should ask the higher rated "Is it possible that I could win this game without being accused of cheating?". If the answer is "no", then resign.

  35. only noobs complain about cheaters so im better than those GMs (I'm 800)

  36. Why do I see a face(in the money pile) in the background?

  37. Unfortunately it is hard to tell weather or not someone is cheating online

  38. No offence Kramnik but you are completely crazy

  39. That gothamchess guy is very interesting

  40. It's all just social media hype. In reality, nobody really cares if someone in top 100 best chess players cheats or not, because as we all know: Chess speaks for itself.

  41. If you define cheating as using stockfish or other ai to lern chess and use its moves on learnd patterns, everyone is cheating 🤔🤔

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