Fatality (1970) vs Pinkamena (1596). Chess Fight Night. CFN. Blitz

Hello! We are Chess Fight Night Team. We enjoy sharing the atmosphere of the Russian chess club CFN in Moscow.
Our tournaments are without a fee for players rated from 1500+ (FIDE/ Russian rating). We provide our players with the opportunity to play in comfortable conditions and on the best equipment of world standards. At the same time, chess players of different levels play here: from amateurs to world champions.
Each of our tournaments is accompanied by a live broadcast on our channel.
In addition to the official chess games, there are videos with our residents in an informal setting, interviews with them, extrasensory chess with Fatality, streams with CFN club members on lichess.
The basis of our channel is chess in a traditional format, but we are not afraid of experimenting in this and are open to new ideas and projects.
Our residents: Fatality, Pinkamena, Stormbreaker Jr, Aladdin, GM Burger King, Neo.
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  1. Pinky в силу возраста играет немного небрежно! Особо не думает, а просто двигает фигуры…

  2. Can she please tale that sort of hat off?

  3. Not Kasparov-Karpov anymore. New generation of young players making waves.

  4. А чё написано в скобках? Типо когда родились или чё?

  5. Blitz é horrível. O tabuleiro vira uma bagunça total.

  6. Little girl funny with the hat on 😂😂😂😇She probably beat me since chess is not my game.😊

  7. The game of the children behind was more interesting

  8. Schon alleine für die Mütze gibt's 'nen Daumen nach oben 🙂

  9. 09:13 older sister denied to shake hands with younger to prove herself against of lil pinky

  10. Cool chess hat I am going to get to wear when I go to a tournament

  11. I've never seen a chess clock that gives you back the time, what's the nonsense?

  12. почему фаталити так долго думая двигая ферзя в середине партии?

  13. Its so amazing that we've managed to arrange a live chess match for people from 2 different points in times. Didn't know people had such drip in the 1500s

  14. It seems like teenager would beat me in chess 🤦🏼‍♂️

  15. Fatality very good endgame, only blunder was her losing the rook due the pin of blacks bishop. And maybe she could have played bh5 earlier to attack the queen. But that mate with bishop and queen was perfect. O and she should have taken the black bishop to prevent the queen attack on g4

  16. It's a good show and a good playing chess. I like to watch it.

  17. Y en el minuto 4:53 estaba la dama regalada y no se dió cuenta 😱😱

  18. En el min 1:48 hubiera hecho Axf4 para que ataque el punto débil del rey negro

  19. Seeing too much breaking bad that I read it as Jesse Pinkman.

  20. Loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool

  21. Well. She play that game for over 400 years….

  22. Die ältere sieht aus wie die bearbock.

  23. Percebesse a diferença de um país que aponha os esportes e o intelecto da sua população se fosse no Brasil ela estaria aprendendo a dançar funk

  24. Honteux, la petite qui gagne manque d'expérience au finit

  25. La niña pequeña que irá estar tablas, cuando la grande tenía todas las chanses de ganar xd

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