Fatality (1970) vs Pinkamena (1596). Chess Fight Night. CFN. Blitz

Hello! We are Chess Fight Night Team. We enjoy sharing the atmosphere of the Russian chess club CFN in Moscow.
Our tournaments are without a fee for players rated from 1500+ (FIDE/ Russian rating). We provide our players with the opportunity to play in comfortable conditions and on the best equipment of world standards. At the same time, chess players of different levels play here: from amateurs to world champions.
Each of our tournaments is accompanied by a live broadcast on our channel.
In addition to the official chess games, there are videos with our residents in an informal setting, interviews with them, extrasensory chess with Fatality, streams with CFN club members on lichess.
The basis of our channel is chess in a traditional format, but we are not afraid of experimenting in this and are open to new ideas and projects.
Our residents: Fatality, Pinkamena, Stormbreaker Jr, Aladdin, GM Burger King, Neo.
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  1. Интересно вместо Сf1 сыграть h5 на Фg3 Сh4

  2. Нахуя те часі если они хню показівают?

  3. I'm completely new to this, I don't know what events (local club) but I felt so sorry for the little girl – I thought her Ra2 move at some point was that of a tactical genius – so white cannot play Rh1 to pin the queen because of … Rxf2, then Kxf2, Qxh1. Unfortunately, she forgot about this a few moves after… On the other hand, Fatality should have captured the Queen Bxf6 (after again a nice counter attack of black …Bb2) which would lead to …Bxg4 then white plays Be7 and restores material equality (otherwise, if …Re8 then white plays Bxc5 and has the two pieces for the rook (both bishops are attacked, and white seems a bit better)

  4. И это все русские игроки 🇷🇺💪

  5. I watch these games, too. But it seems more than a waste of time to extrapolate ones brain cells onto a board with pieces. It is a board. It is kind of stupid, it is stupid. It is never anything more.

  6. Look at Pinkamena, I played this match against Maximum 3200, tell me if you like it…Maurizio from Italy…

  7. I was surprised why the guy said ,,most" at the start which means "now" in Hungarian, I knew the girl is Russian, so I had no idea, what does it mean in Russian?

  8. That was a very clever draw offer, all it takes is a momentary lapse of judgement to accept the handshake!

  9. I like her hat. She was so cute too👧🏻👍🤣

  10. Pinka offering the draw 😂 she’s SO cute!

  11. ничегосебе!мелкая-то совсем не мелкая! что касается шахмат

  12. Fatility where can u find so much silence ?

  13. какие чувства переживает Pinkamena при просмотре этих кадров сейчас?

  14. Children have superactive brains. The "engines" are just starting to "run-in")))

  15. У детей суперактивный мозг. "Движки" только начинают "обкатку")))

  16. малышка не догадалась пропустить свои ладьи на линию Н , тогда бы тетя задумалась на долго и вермени бы у нее не хватило. Не было стратегического плана.

  17. Pink was smart in trying to trick her into accepting a Draw… LOL. Luckily she didn't fall for it.

  18. Pink was smart in trying to trick her into accepting a Draw… LOL. Luckily she didn't fall for it.

  19. the little girl would destroy me with a smile on her face jeeez!!!!

  20. Pink was smart in trying to trick her into accepting a Draw… LOL. Luckily she didn't fall for it.

  21. Taking pawn at 10:05 mistake? Pawn up 1 (g6) is check mate in next move?

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