FIDE World Cup 2023 | Round 4 | Tie-Breaks

Commentators: IM & WGM Irene Sukandar and GM Irina Krush.


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  1. It's LOL how the commentators think Nakamura had high level prep in his opening when in fact, as he says in his recap, he simply forgot his move orders and blundered.

  2. All Indian Youngsters except Nihal, qualified to round-5💞Very Happy to see this.
    Ram Ram🤞I wish one of them reaches semifinals/finals🧡
    Hindustan Zindabad🇮🇳

  3. Belated Happiest Birthday Praggnanandha🎉You are my favourite chess player, You got the best character out there💞
    May Bhagwan bless you with loads of Happiness🙏🕉️

  4. The commentary was an absolute snooze fest. 😴😴

  5. I would love to see that FIDE stepped up their coverage game; Competing chess organizations have better quality coverage of various events. I know the streaming and covering events is not the main focus for FIDE, but, lets be real, the fact that on screen live position board is glitching is pretty bad for an organization responsible for global chess. And FIDE's streams have had that issue on each and every event.

  6. To the commentators: you completely missed the second game where Pragg eliminated Nakamura, and didnt even know if Pragg had won… Please pay more attention and capture these moments.

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