FIDE World Cup 2023 | Round 6 Quarter Finals | Gukesh vs Carlsen, Vidit vs Abasov, Arjun vs Pragg

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The 2023 FIDE World Cup is a 206-player knockout taking place in Baku, Azerbaijan from July 30 to August 24. The prize fund is almost $1.9m, with $110,000 for the winner, while the top 3 players also qualify for the 2024 Candidates Tournament. The top 50 players, who include world nos 1-3 Magnus Carlsen, Hikaru Nakamaura and Fabiano Caruana, are seeded directly into Round 2. Each match consists of two classical games where the players have 90 minutes for 40 moves, then 30 minutes to the end of the game, plus a 30-second increment from move 1. If tied, a playoff will be held on the 3rd day. There are two 25+10 rapid games followed, if needed, by two 10+10 games, then two 5+3 games. If still tied, the players then play single 3+2 games until a player wins. No draw offers are allowed until after move 30

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. Prag will comeback.
    Prag can beat Caruana or Domingash

  2. may 3 indians can qualified gukesh can beat magnus may be

  3. Gukeah has still chances if he could beat magnus with black pieces

  4. 5:48:00
    Ps: sagar definitely gains calories while commentating but don definitely looses 1000 calories/min while commentating. 😂

  5. Vidit drew, Gukesh lost, Arjun and Don won. 😁😊

  6. Thank you Sagar and Amrutha for responding to my question, big fan, May you reach 100cr corpus soon 🙂 @5:30:24

  7. Name of music please. Some sweet finger picking guitar.

  8. Give a Comeback pragg……… we are with you………

  9. I 'm a fan of Magnus, but especially of chess.


    FIDE IS ABSOLUTE GARBAGE… It's absurd to allow Magnus and even Nepo to participate when they are already qualified (and anyway, Magnus doesn't even want to play them).

    Yet the tournament has absolutely no significance except for the candidates…

    It's completely unfair and inequitable for the players who have already faced Magnus and Nepo because it seriously distorts the game…

    Without Magnus, maybe Keymer and Gukesh could have been fighting for a spot in the candidates now…

    And honestly, considering Gukesh's recent level and the underperformance of the top elite players in this tournament, I'm sure he could have qualified for the candidates, and it would have been well-deserved given his performance…

    It's as if, for qualification in the Champions League in football, they put an All-Star team in your group that can't/won't qualify but ends up topping the group and ruining the opportunity for all the other teams in the group while the other teams of the other groups have equal opportunities to make it to the next stage…

    It's really an absurd situation and so unjust.

    And I'm not blaming Magnus or Nepo; it's the FIDE rules that are completely absurd in allowing such nonsense…

  10. The reason vidit doesn't improve his classical rating beyond 2730 is because of too many draws . He drew 8 out of 9 games here and he drew a lot in the olympiad as well . World cup format suits hin because he is a good rapid player

  11. Gukesh rook back to previous position

  12. Love the setup but please give the woman a mic too, or put the mic in the middle.

  13. Magnus will not take the world cup qualifier spot and he will still qualify being the highest rated player if he wants to before the final deadline that is if he wants to play the candidates

  14. Magnus vs gukesh
    Magnus won
    Gukesh must win tmrw

    Pragg vs arjun
    Arjun won
    Pragg must win tmrw

    Vidit vs abbasov
    Knckout match tmrw

  15. If the don commentary doesn't break the internet, the world just won't make sense to me anymore.

  16. Missed the stream completely 😢.
    Did Guki gave tough fight or it was one sided??

  17. Shut up and let us see the plays, how bad is that noise of yours.

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