FINALE Candidates 2024!!!

Hikaru vs Gukesh, April 21, 2024, Candidates Final Round
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  1. Nice recap and very mature of you… Glad you are playing more tourneys

  2. Win or lose, Hikaru is one of the biggest ambassadors to the resurgence of chess across the world.

  3. Great mentality to have with everything that happened. thank you for the recaps! no one else does anything close to what you do and your fans appreciate it!

  4. Happy for Gukesh, Sad for Hikaru 😢
    Lots of love from India ❤

  5. Finally, your toxic fanbase will find some peace

  6. I was really rooting for you Hikaru! After that record breaking 3 game win streak I thought you had it… what can you do though…? Gukesh played a great tournament, plus the draw by Fabi and Ian killed all hope for you. Next time!

  7. You are a great sportsman Hikaru. Keep it up. All the best in your future endeavours. Please keep playing.

  8. Heartbreaking result->Candid and insightful content=Max professional streamer. Big resect. Better luck next time.

  9. Hell of a tournament Hikaru!! Loved watching and rooting for you, thank you for the excellent recaps from a lowly 1100 <3. C'est la vie, non?

  10. Too bad. Who is going to watch Gukesh and the chinaman? You let us all down.

  11. I'm sorry it didn't work out, I was really rooting for you. What doesn't change is: "The style is the man himself!". No matter whether you win or lose, you're a good person!

  12. Commesurations Hikaru 🙏🏻
    Just love how professional you are to come out with thia video after a long ans heartbreaking game ❤

  13. Poor hikaru.
    He even do not know why he couldnt win the candidates and the wch title.
    Just because he just want it.
    But he would have to die for it.
    Change your motto. Which is.
    "Lets play bullet shit"

  14. World Champion or not, youre still the king for us, try again next time champ

  15. Great tourney Hikaru. I loved that game with white against Nepo!

  16. Proud of you Hikaru. You played an amazing event.

  17. Bro thought he is in the queens gambit series

  18. Welcome Hikaru in morocco we are waiting for you ❤️❤️

  19. Now Magnus should revisit his predictions on Gukesh !!

  20. Hikaru lose 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

  21. Lots of love and respect. from India

  22. A great chess player is not stopped or crushed after missing the win, they still respect the opponent and also can analysis which could be the best moves and what have happened etc.

  23. Unbelievable, how can you start the recap like this in the announcement, after your biggest loss . .

  24. GM Harshit Raja on chessbase India termed Hikaru as Ambani of the Chess World…That's the greatness of GM Hikaru…

  25. You played world class chess. Most wins, always looking for oportunities, and being so resilient…You are so inspirational. Hope to see you as a world champion soon.

  26. You are the YouTube-Chess world champion anyway

  27. Thanks for leaving it all on the board sorry it didn’t go your way, but you made it exciting to the very end !!!something only you could of brought to the candidates🎉 hope one day youll be world champion you deserve it !

  28. You fought valiantly! Kudos to your performance – chin up, champ!!

  29. Will Hikaru ever be friends with Vidit now?

  30. Gratis commune from a great sportsman!

  31. You played a great tournament and gave us, your fans, recaps of all your games. THANK YOU! It's really amazing! Also, congratulations to Gukesh for winning the candidates, an incredible feat and I'm stoked for the WCC match between him and Ding!

  32. Cowardice is always rewarded with average rewards
    Can't be playing for draws and expect rewards of risk takers

  33. Next time Hikaru, thanks for the video!

  34. Hikaru, your post-match conference observations on "Karma" shows what a gem of a person you are. Truly your fan. ❤

  35. I agree 100% with your assessment great tournament. I hope Gukesh can keep it together for the world championships and do well. At just 18 I hope his nerves don't crush him.

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