Garbage Chess

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  1. Wondering why they're GM? Because their moves are unpredictable

  2. Levy was in such despair he didn't even wait for the game to end before he ended the video

  3. I Had A Game With 43 & 47 Accuracy (Im Black)

    White Did 6 Great Moves, And I Make 5,How

  4. if you play 15|10 and end with 16 minutes on the clock youre doing something wrong, i play 15|10 when im trying to think deeply about moves and ive used nearly all my time in 15|10 games before, there should always be at least a few moves you spend more than 60 seconds on (ive even spent as much as 3 minutes on a move and still managed my time to not lose)

  5. Raw wild animalistic brawl on the 8×8 ring, nothing better than that to get the adrenaline pumping 😂😂

  6. It’s so heartbreaking because I’ve totally been there as black but I was the one with a rook all white had was two pawns…. But they were on my 2 row

  7. Black knows the blackburne shilling gambit because he watched the Bobby BoShow here's the moves it starts with

  8. ey make a "chess is never animated correctly" short

  9. Gothamchess… i still a lot of funny comedy games… im giving you permissions to study it…be thankful…😂😊😂

  10. i mean all i have to do is watch your videos for garbage chess levy.

  11. When Levi says 15 min is long and I play 2 hour classical 🤔

  12. I never thought that I could laugh this hard with chess LOL and I'm not even 800 now 😂😂

  13. And Levy sacrifices his SANITYYYYYY!!!!

  14. Theres a new chess bot named star plumber

  15. After white loses half of the pieces, my immediate thought was "Will black somehow loses this game with this much of a material advantage" and they lost. Started from "not a fork" and ended with getting forked thrice in 4 moves.

  16. Black's only weakness: simple queen forks with check

  17. Ngl i was eyeing Qc5 the entire time as well

  18. Finally, a worthy opponent! Our battle will be legendary

  19. The only reason I will ever watch noobs play is if it’s frank or if it’s being commentated over by an elite chess player like Gotham. Or GTE. If you aren’t watching top level players and learning from them then you won’t make it very far. Obviously we’re not gonna understand what the fuck they’re doing but whenever someone like Levy walks you through it it begins to make sense over time

  20. I love how white can't grasp basic queen attacks but is a fork master🤔

  21. its not blackburne shilling gambit, its the bobby bo show aka the slide the queen and bait it

  22. In the middle of this game, I had an ad that said: “You’re probably watching a GothamChess video right now.”
    I am scared.

  23. where is the iconic "now get out of here" ending?

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