Genius play by this Child Prodigy #MCCP #chess #chessopenings #chesstricks #chesstrap

Genius play by this Child Prodigy Against the Caro-Kann Defense. #MCCP #chess #chessopenings #chesstricks #chesstrap


  1. Both of them FB there is no chance to check mate ok black he can move hourse for punish to queen.

  2. It’s just a drama from both , there is no check mate

  3. Wie der Vater so der Sohn…Wasser Werbung

  4. Come el Arfil y lo deja en jaque, puede seguir chale

  5. Можно же отдать ферзя на том же месте и забрать потом пешкой слона. Не могу понять где мат кроется .

  6. Lawanya dibawah dia ya ialah…. Cobalah lawan saya. Kusiksa

  7. Wtf there are so many ways to defend and eventually attack the white king

  8. Turkish: Herhangi bir usta siyaha karsi calisamaz tuzak kesinlikle bu bana kalirsa yani beyazin rakibi hakikaten de bayagi alakasiz oynadi

  9. Mengapa menyerah? Patih makan gajah, skak! Belum mati kan?

  10. Queen takes queen with check…then w bishop chekmate

  11. Y porqué ganó🤔🤔???
    Todavía, había escape. Subió alfil, y chao???.
    Porqué no comió alfil???
    Se entregan muy rápido😤😤

  12. انه أخاه الأصغر ذاك الذي يشرب الماء قبل أن يجهز على خصمه 😂😂😂😂

  13. Adeknya ya? Sama persis sebelum eksekusi minum dulu

  14. wtf Queen 1 step to the king then nothing happens

  15. Too much used techniques no pure chess

  16. Yabang Ng pag Mumuka mo kuya, be humble lang mas pag papalain Tayo Ng puong may kapal

  17. He can eat elephant by general. Shocked😂😂😂😂

  18. I have never understood the sicilian defense thing, whenever i am black i always start on e5 and 99% time i end up with better position than the opponents during middlegame

  19. ˡᵃʷᵃⁿ ⁿʸᵃ ᵇᵒᵈᵒʰ

  20. Black horse d7 can move to f6 .. then white queen will back and kill his bishop. And check to white king 😂

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