Gentlemen of Chess #shorts

Respect 🙏

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. I love when people apologize in chess. It's so innocent

  2. An exemplatory behaviour to teach me not to rages in games when I lose. Kudos.

  3. For those who don't understand:

    Nepo (with the white pieces) was winning. But he blundered. Black managed to DRAW the game by giving a perpetual check (which is a draw).

  4. What a gentleman to even offer a draw. I would have sat there all day moving my knight back and forth until he resigned 😂

  5. for those who didn't understand, it was a blunder because the guy was up by a bishop and he blundered forced draw

  6. I see my 2 favorite game. Chess and tidehunter from dota 2.

  7. Ohh .. that's so cruel i would definitely throw my phone if that was online match😅(on the bed)

  8. Sagar sir please explain why it was blunder and why it said sorry

  9. Chess is cruel, one mistake and all your hard work goes in vain

  10. Luck don't favour Nepo … Most of the times. He is genius.

  11. I actually draw a game like this (even worse to be honest because I was the one checking) while i was playing online and I didn´t know the perpetual check rule at that time. Yes I was winning and kept making checks until I got a draw banner. I hope my opponent wasn´t laughing his ass off.

  12. bhai bilal saeed chess khelne laga kab se?😅

  13. Nepo with the dota love! Cool tidehunter shirt

  14. His oppenent is a real gentlemen he even says sorry while Nepo was winning

  15. I think he said sorry because he didn't resign as many people would, and its kind of disrespectful to not to resign if your opponent has a an advantage(At higher levels, of course)

  16. Nepo blundered. Although he's winning he gave the black player the chance to make a draw. Forced draw.

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