“Glory for 1, Agony for others” ft. Gukesh, Fabiano, Nepomniachtchi #chess #fidecandidates

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  1. If Fabi couldn't find a +10 advantage multiple times in the game, he does not deserve to play for the Championship. And don't tell me about the pressure, the time, a bad day, or any other excuses. They are supposed to be elite and professional!

  2. Our boys were too good … its a heartbreak for Fabiano for sure because even we were crazy wen we saw the first blunder .. but the beauty is how players behave❤

  3. It's something about Ian that's just shatters me maybe because I've seen him play in the last World championship that man just puts his physical and mental both strength together and stakes everything , i can literally see him shaking it's like he's put it all and there's no more energy left and still it wasn't enough. He deserved that win but so did Gukesh earn it.

  4. Glory for one was not reached easy. He too suffered alot to get to that place.

  5. Every chess fan😢 ❤ emotions 💔💔💔

  6. Can anyone please let me know why did he say sorry?

  7. Anyway Nepo chokes in the final. Thank God he didnt qualify. Its better that younger generation is gonna beat Ding and take the game forward.
    We dont need chokers.

  8. They can't digest the great victory Gukesh and his efforts in the tournament. Especially that arrogant c🤡rlsan

  9. Gukesh gave a tight slap to those so called experienced old hags of chess… Especially that arrogant late comer in every game of chess…😂😂😂😂
    Gukesh the 👑 of Chess❤❤❤❤

  10. Hikaru also lost with same point difference, but I don't see people sympathize with him, is it because he didn't show emotions unlike fabi and nepo?

  11. The paradox of winning is that someone has to lose. Those who want to feel the joy of winning should be able to bear the pain of losing.

  12. Ian is not the best player ever, but is the best man in this chess level. he has to be proud for his attitude

  13. This could have been worded in a much better way..
    Its sounds like you are trying to dampen an otherwise joyous victory..

  14. It was such a line that would win fabi the game. Completely counterintuitive and under such pressure. Cimputers don't have feelings. Humans do

  15. Gukesh is a sneeky Chess Player 😊.

  16. We cannot blame all gms' blunders because sometimes we commit mistakes ..

  17. Vidit loss against Ian and now this, true, chess is brutal and beautiful at the same time

  18. Kinda sad for Nepo for getting the draw, Fabi played such better chess than Nepo that game

  19. Iconic lines there. Iconic moment. Pure cinema. Sad.
    Now someone make a documentary on this.

  20. God is sometimes unfair the people who are gifted with great skills say they are bored and not intrested in chess(magnus attitude carlsen).And some who worked hard all their life got to world top 10 but just missed by a micrometer to touch the world champion crown and have no more fuel left in them to play chess furthure🙂

  21. And because Hikaru doesn't care is not in the video 😅

  22. I'm really feeling it for all three Hikaru, Nepo and Fabi!!! Fabi is the most humble GM I've ever met in my Life!!! Hikaru is cocky , but very good… And Nepo, oh, no, crying seeing him suffering like that, for the third time!!! But we have to congratulate now GUKESH!!!!

  23. I like the way how Nepo became good man. I have seen him earlier that, he treats opponents in different way…

  24. Absolute cinema. Absolute chess.

  25. Time is running out for them. Soon they will be at a age where its too difficult to grow as a chess player.

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