GM LEVY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Congrats on being a Grandmaster!!!!!

  2. You want to become a Giri Master? Just ask him man, I am sure he will grant you the title!

  3. I watched this game with StollenMonster. It was a very fun game. Great job on Titled Tuesday

  4. I got your sweatshirt in the mail and it's super comfy

  5. Yes! We all love your content its why you're the best chess youtuber.

  6. Levy never fails to make us feel he got the grand master title .

    I am 12 years old only I learned chess from you thank u my master (not grandmaster )😢

  7. You should play tournaments in countries where it's easier to earn a norm. The US is notoriously difficult. South America, Africa, Arab countries maybe. It's going to be a road trip of a lifetime, and we will follow you through Youtube.

  8. i played h4 h5 vs someone rated 200 above me. engine hated it, but he responded all wrong and lost 😆

  9. Stollen with 2 'l' is a German Christmas cake. The handle is not a misspelling of Stolen Monster, but a kind of Bavarian cookie monster 😮

  10. We don’t care if you win or lose you playing in tournaments is the best content

  11. When you un-retire, please say BOOM in each pawn move on face-to-face games.

  12. @GothamChess: He might be German. There is a famous German pastry/cake called Stollen usually baked in the winter. So it probably is a play on Sesame street's cookie monster.

  13. Well played levi or i should say GM❤🎉

  14. Stollen is a fruit bread of nuts, spices, and dried or candied fruit, coated with powdered sugar or icing sugar and often containing marzipan.

  15. @GothamChess anxiety seemed to effect your play when you where competing. But playing more and just time in general helps this a lot. If you compete to become GM it will be hard for you, but if you just play for fun and enjoy yourself it becomes a lot easier. You've already proven that you're a good player and a title doesn't actually really change anything In your life, your peers already respect your skill and the love for the game.

  16. click baity title again stopped watching

  17. 👇👇👇Vote here if you want Guess the Elo back 👇👇👇

  18. Stollenmonster is German by the way. We pronounce it like Shtollenmonster and it is basically cave monster.

  19. It's not about how good your A game is. It's about how good your B game is.

  20. No- No. Stop. Levy. Stop- stop feeding me with content. You havent slept for 5 days. You- Your hallucinating.

  21. Can DC make a super villain whose name is Gotham Chess, a thorn in Batman's side. But a genius at chess and a master at creating zugzwang situations, such that Batman needs the help of the justice league in order to defeat him. But they fail as well.

    And even the joker has to confirm that he's the greatest villain of all time.

    Great chess video sir, you should do more videos like these where we can see through your lenses and your mind; helping us think and analyze positions better. 10/10.

  22. You've made millions from clickbait. Why not hire a GM coach and focus on chess again?

  23. Man I love the h pawn rook sack. Granted I 100% make a mess of it and don’t win as often as I should but the chaos is glorious

  24. See this is not clickbait because GM stands for G otha M.

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