GM LEVY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Sometimes I forget Levy is not only an internet chess personality, but also the second highest title attainable in chess

  2. Stollen is a german cake bread thing Might be a play on cookie monster.

  3. Came to the comment box before playing the video to check the truthfulness of the title. Ended up being confused😅

  4. More like CBM Levy – Click Bait Master

  5. Stollenmonster might be a reference to Cookie Monster 'cause there is a popular bakery brand "Stolle" in Russia. Also might be a german surname. Also also you might be right. Also also also – also.

  6. Stollen is a german word for either a kind of bread-cake or an underground hallway like in a mine-shaft.

  7. Levy never fails to include a german phrase hikaru ressurrected last week

  8. Do the sports psychology/therapy you know will make this happen. Do it, you've worked your whole life for this and it's absolutely possible

  9. I thought this was a Gotham Games video so I didn’t watch for so long

  10. I thought GM meant “Great Magnus.”

  11. 'Stollen' is a German word and means 'mine tunnel' 🙂

  12. dude that's hilarious. I quit playing chess for a good bit around the same time you stopped competetivley playing. I just started again 2 days ago and you drop this lmfao

  13. I think you want it. So chase it.

  14. You should do whatever will make you feel the happiest, not today, but when you look back on yourself. Best wishes

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