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  1. I am not sure about 'my job is getting as many eye balls watching my videos as possible' cause it implies some responsability to do so. No. Number of views is merely performance/popularity. Responsability is to be truthful and respecting ethics.

  2. I think levy is amazing and one day I could play him one day

  3. Abroad in Japan talks about the clickbait titles and thumbnails situation occasionally. He hates some of the titles and thumbnails he's had to use because they bring in an audience and he wishes he could do some things differently.
    Don't worry about it too much. I don't think you've crossed a moral line with anything I've seen you title or thumbnail. They personally interested me into watching at least weekly even though I only really played chess casually with 1 of my friends in high school for maybe a month.

  4. Magnus got pissed at Hikaru because he cares about him.

  5. Bruh people just like controversy, just messy…I watch your videos because I like how you commentate…i.e. “he sacrificed the rooooook”…levy comments on a lot of chess players but he magnifies the best…end of discussion, people need to just stop complaining so much

  6. In re "I didn't cross the line" … I suppose not, but you did lean up against it. Just take the L and move on, and above all, do not let any chess speak for itself!

  7. Magnus be like : You too Hikaru🥶💀☠️
    Reference u too Brutus 💀☠️

  8. Stupid question but why didn’t /couldn’t magnus just ask the guy to take off his watch?

    He’s sitting face to face with him for hours, why not just say something

  9. lets be honest with ourselves, hikaru is dead envious of magnus, thats how it is!

  10. I'm just here for the games. That Rosen game was wild, but for me it's between the Narayann or Erigaisi win. India just has an unfair amount of talent in the chess world now adays.

  11. You're not the same dude, at one point when you were blowing up, you showed a bit more arrogance and seemed overly narcissistic. I think you've toned down and become more humble in your journey. Keep growing and doing what you're doing!

  12. He lets his games speak for themselves hahahaha 😂 sorry not sorry

  13. I would say you bait clicks, clickbait in my eyes is the stuff that crosses the line you try to not cross

  14. "To clickbait or not to clickbait that's the question" 🤔

  15. The way hikaru click baited was actually shameful ngl the way he said the title was actually bad but the way you did it is not too bad it's just a general idea

  16. I very rarely get up in arms about clickbait unless its a blatant lie. Reason being it's to my benefit as a viewer. Usually if there's something to clickbait me about, it means that there's interesting content on the other side I want to watch. It's better than rolling the dice of something I might click off of in a few seconds, and even if the clickbait is a lie, I'll at most waste a handful of seconds. Youtubers that abuse this system are an easy unsub and don't recommend this channel away from my life being at peace again, I don't think it's a big deal

  17. It's not hos fault he has to make content for a generation with a 2 second attention span and an obsession with drama.

  18. Pay day was today so I could finally preorder your book. I can't wait!

  19. I never thought about the fact that you use clickbait in a way to promote the chess world so much, but I am glad I now know. I do hate the thumbnail designs and the all-capitals with a million exclamations, but I can certainly agree with the means here.
    So, in a way, I suppose I'm glad you use clickbait 😅
    But either way, I love the videos you make, Levy. Keep up the fantastic work!

  20. "They done what's right by them. Can't expect more than that." – Captain Jack Sparrow

  21. Bro why don't you talk about giri?
    We wanna hear about his games too

  22. A job is a job. People should stop being butt hurt

  23. why are chess players such skeevy cheats?

  24. imagine being so good at the game that when u lose its ur opponent cheating

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