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  1. Thanks GothamChess for showing us that brilliant ‼️ idea by Mamedyarov.

  2. I dunno dude, that one with Gull and Shredder and Shredder with the stalemate trap is the most breathtaking game imo.

  3. This Game speaks for itself Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzt

  4. We need to know what tune are you, godthamchess, listening to while taking the shower after this cool analysis vid?

  5. lookin like you've worked out for 90 minutes total your whole life

  6. Thank you for taking out time to analyze the game for us. It was a great game 🤩

  7. Call it the Royal Guard Gambit, since it was sacrificing all but the kingside pieces (except for the kingside bishop, but that was an "equal" trade) and ONE of the queenside pawns. Everything else went to force an opening.

  8. "Alright white is playing a goofy opening so I'm going to do my thing and he's gonna overextend and then I'm, I'm gonna win variation" is my favorite opening

  9. Please watch this is a dangerous description. I've seen too much bs "hiding" behind titles like that. But DAAAAAAAMN were you right!

  10. the board looks a little pixelated, could be in a higher resolution

  11. At first I was sceptical, because the "best game" is not uncommon here on this channel, but this was unbelievably good. This was the best game of the year without a doubt. Thanks for sharing and analyzing Levy!

  12. After you hyped this game so much in the intro, I wasn't disappointed whatsoever! This game is unreal!

  13. a man got to do what a man got to do :)! ❤️

  14. that last game…. absolutely beautiful. holy.

  15. I do love Shakriyar's attacking style of play. Beautiful!

  16. Mate, you don’t need click bait for us to watch your videos. You’ve already proved yourself as a reliable content creator.

  17. I know that you were probably too busy and had too much going on, but if you’re going to be that excited about pawn to G4, you need to at least splice in a clip of Joe Rogan and Daniel Cormier freaking out about a knock out or something like that. Definitely agree with the sentiment though. That was beautiful. I feel like I get into a lot of positions where things like this are possible but don’t have the vision, the wherewithal, and quite frankly the guts to make those sacrifices. That was epic.

  18. Is this 90s game? This is wild and beautiful sacrifice, I love your content Gotham. You make my day.

  19. And here I feel like a boss when I pull off a big brain pawn sacrifice.

  20. Only remaining piece to be die was only KING 🤣🤣🤣😂

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