God Level Chess

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  1. Лёва, я заплакал от счастья в конце! КЛАСС!!!!!😂

  2. Great game thanks for presenting it to us beautifully Gotham

  3. it's incredible that shakh was able to win a game vs. top level GM in 2022 with a style of play of the old masters from XIX century!

  4. Hmm I don't feel it was that great of a game, I actually predicted a number of these moves before it was even mentioned. I saw the bishop take the knight early game, the pawn sac on g4, the knight sac for the pawn later. The only one I actually missed was the rook sac for the knight. Granted, it's a lot easier to see these things when you know a game is going to contain tactics vs taking the chance and performing the moves in game instead of playing safe.

  5. Gotham told me to watch this, hence I will watch this. I don't know if I have been baited.

  6. The only 'sac' I saw was the knight, and he gained back all the other materials that he 'sac' i.e. the pawns, Queen and bishop. It doesn't look like game of the year to me?

  7. I play this kind of game every day but nobody cares!!! 😉

  8. Wasn't that good tbh. I play like this all the time. You just throw pieces at the enemy king. Not that complicated

  9. "He was never interested in castling" he woke up and chose violence

  10. I am just new to chess but I find it very unfortunate resigning is a thing in high level chess, let the mate happen and let us experience the beauty of it. I don't understand how he would have mated him without the visual board.

  11. “Seriously, life’s a beautiful thing” I love when Levy inhabits Jeff Goldblum’s dad from Independence Day

  12. I love your recaps you make it so exciting

  13. I love seeing these games bc a lot of the time I can see things from a distance and feel good about myself

  14. Ah yes, when the 3000 rated GM sacrifices their queen, it "genius" and "brilliant", but when we sacrifice our queen, it "dumb" and giving everyone watching a stroke.

  15. That was easily the most disrespectful games of any kind in any sport I have ever seen

  16. This truly was an amazing modern-day immortal game. But, what was equally immortal, was Levy's storytelling. It was edge-of-your-seat spellbinding.

  17. This is the most amazing game I've ever seen. Thank you for sharing!

  18. All right white is playing a goofy opening so I'm gonna do my thing and he's gonna overextend and then I'm gonna win variation is actually my favorite opening!!

  19. This was absolutely amazing. Also, such a natural talent presenting Levy.

  20. cant remember when i played chess the last time but your summaries made me subscribe to your channel a long time ago…

  21. The dude sacked every type of piece but his king. Savage.

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