Google Bot Plays Chess

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  1. Do a video about chat gpt vs google bot

  2. not really sure why people always get their rooks trapped between their pawn and their knight. just play Rxg7.

  3. Bro doesn't follow the rules, HE MAKES THE RULES

  4. Basically you cannot tell which rook bard means in Rxh6, maybe he meant that new rook appears out of backrooms

  5. I swear ai must think when pieces move they stay on their original square and just spawns another piece

  6. You should cover a game between Stockfish and one of these AIs, but with the AI making its illegal moves XD

  7. i subbed to all your channels

  8. But seriously: Why can a so-called smart AI not even play chess???

  9. Alternative to You's comment: That was no Rook, that was Naruto if he was a ni-

  10. And I played a game yesterday where I was up a bishop, knight, and rook and my opponent didn’t resign.

  11. Bard vs gpt waiting for the content🤣🤣

  12. the next video should be chat gpt vs. google ai bard

  13. You should use Martin to analyse a 300 elo game

  14. i was laughing so hard about the pawn on d3

  15. Wow, this takes chess cheating to a whole new level!

  16. Chess pieces on drugs: Part two (THE ROOOOOOKBISHOP)

  17. Personally don't enjoy these videos as much as your other content but will watch all your videos

  18. I love Levy's content but not this 🚫🚫🚫🚫🚫

  19. Google has 11 mill levy has not even 4 mill

  20. gotham loves chess so much hes willing to eat their poop for more content

  21. Now to make ChatGPT play Google Bard

  22. does anyone know how to make a custom position where i can make illegal moves? I want to play google and chatgpt too :'D

  23. AI is on track. it's already doing what we do, dont like it, simply change the rules or the meaning 😂

  24. I'm waiting for a Google Bard vs ChatGPT (or ChatGPT vs ChatGPT too would work)

  25. ChatGPT vs Google ai: Finally, a worth opponent. Our battle will be legendary!

  26. Gotham chess, over the past few months i had problems, lost motivation, i tried going to the gym but it didin’t work, my brother was discovered with cancer and my mental started going down and down, but one day, i discovered your channel and i liked your personality, i didn’t play chess at all but i just enjoyed your funny and childish at times personality, with little steps I started playing chess and now i am doing much better, i know you probably won’t read this, but even tho i don’t know you personally, i want to thank you for making me discover my passion, and making me feel better everyday, i hope all the good and joy you put in the world comes back to you. I even started beating the chess hustlers in my city now because i learned from your courses:)

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