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  1. nope not GM just a click bate. it`s just greed

  2. Bro I feel bad for him😭😭 idk if you are going to see this comment but I suggest to you to read the book called the art of not giving a fuck

  3. Upload a video bruhhh 😢 it's been since a day you uploaded some content 😢

  4. Whenever Levy just stops talking I always think the video was paused😂

  5. This is really hard to watch we all struggle with things sometimes and the harshest critic one has is their own demons. I hope you find a way to overcome what you feel you lack. Which is nothing! I enjoy watching your content and wish you the best of luck.

  6. Obsessive licking paws might be a sign of stress or pain; give it a check up.

  7. Levy trying to make content by showing off the 1 in a 20 GMs he beat and having the word Grandmaster in the title every time he does it . What a legend😂

  8. The best snooker player in the world Ronnie O'Sullivan works on his mental game Dr. Steve Peters.
    Also – thanks for your great content – I learn a lot and laugh a lot!

  9. yeh, hung the rook… life. Look to the sun for a new day & let this one pass.

  10. If it’s worth of anything. You are a GM to me 🤩

  11. Another classic GothamChess clickbait video, that's grate!

  12. Lads i need a safe and easy system/opening for black for the semifinals in my schools chess tourney (don't ask how i got here in the first place). Thanks!

  13. Gotta love the two 500s in chat around 24:1124:24 that think that Levy missed a free bishop. The chess board is a big place apparently

  14. Commenting before watching the video:
    LOL, no way

  15. This guy afraid of everything, but at the same time wanted to participate in Chess Boxing

  16. Chess is like a cow: black and white, and Indian people consider it to be holy.

  17. Tough break, keep your head up. We still love ya.

  18. Hey Levy, any chance you will bring back sub battles – ideally with Hikaru? I've seen them so often, I essentially know the lines and games by heart. Still love to rewatch them, but some news Levy – Hikaru content would be amazing.

  19. You might not be a Grand Master, but you are to a lot of us. THANK YOU LEVY! 🙌🏻…and Benji too!

  20. I think you might be better off playing in longer length games

  21. Levy can still become the MEME Master

    I want him to be EGG Master but thats my personal problem

  22. You aren't a GM because of your hair. Just look at eg. GM Aman Hambleton.

  23. bro you dont watch the news? we need Oppenheimer's VS Einstein chess game review ASAP

  24. At the start of game 1 I found a brilliant move, ROOM B1

  25. Just hear me out .. for a second …. Is this levy losing on purpose just to keep his underdog arc going till he reaches 5 mil subs????

  26. You’ve taught all of us, you can do it man

  27. The fact is levy’s chess ability is gm level I hate when he says he is not good enough no it’s the fact he’s not confident enough

  28. The fact that you're actually winning some of these games before your nerves get to you is incredible. The problem isnt that you aren't "good enough". I wonder how you'd do against GMs in a longer time format

  29. I think Levy has the potential to become a GM eventually. But to achieve this goal he need to train his mental strength first.

    It's heartbreaking to see him saying he's not good enough, the self doubt is completely ingrained in his mind.

  30. I've been watching you for a few months and I've notice that you talk a lot of trash to 700+ elo the thing is, everytime you show something up it's a noobie I've been matching with 700 elos and it's truly not how it goes honnestly close to a scam😂

  31. i mean, if u think of it right, the skill that Levy's lacking the most is psychological skill, he seems to be very dubative and nervous when he sees a gm, and also streaming, as he said has took away much of his attention span. Nevertheless, he's still is a titled player, wich IS really good

  32. Your dog licking his paws might be cuz he's allergic to something in his food.

  33. this was such a sad moment istg the ending how he said maybe i'll never be and everything

  34. Everyone goes through this. It takes incredible mental toughness to deal with nerves and move to the highest levels of anything. The way through is to just face it over and over and over again until you can do it or you know with certainty you are just unable. This is life.

  35. Eh…. its 4 letters. Dont let it get to you champ.

  36. Levy you are more charismatic than most of gm's dont worry you dont need a gm title, you are good enough I could never defeat you

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