Gukesh, The Unstoppable!

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Photos by Lennart Ootes

Iskandarov, Misratdin (2551) – Gukesh D (2744)
FIDE World Cup ( [12] 2023.08.03
Sicilian Defense

1.e4 c5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.d4 cxd4 4.Nxd4 Nf6 5.Nc3 e5 6.Ndb5 d6 7.Nd5 Nxd5 8.exd5 Nb8 9.a4 Be7 10.Bd2 O-O 11.a5 a6 12.Na3 Bf5 13.Nc4 Nd7 14.Bb4 Rc8 15.Be2 Bg6 16.O-O Nc5 17.Ra3 f5 18.Nb6 Rc7 19.Bxc5 Rxc5 20.b4 Rc7 21.c4 e4 22.f4 exf3 e.p. 23.Bxf3 Bf6 24.Kh1 Be5 25.Re1 Rcf7 26.Rae3 Bf4 27.Qd4 Bxe3 28.Qxe3 f4 29.Qe6 Bf5 30.Qe2 Qh4 31.Kg1 Qf6 32.Qd2 Re7 33.Rxe7 Qxe7 34.c5 dxc5 35.d6 Qe3+ 36.Qxe3 fxe3 37.bxc5 Be4 38.Bg4 Bd3 39.Bf3 Be4 40.Bg4 Kf7 41.Nc4 Kf6 42.Nxe3 Ke5 43.Nc4+ Kd4 44.Nb6 Bc6

00:00 Hello Everyone!

The Chess World Cup 2023 is a 206-player single-elimination chess tournament that will take place in Baku, Azerbaijan, from 30 July to 24 August 2023.[1] It will be the 10th edition of the Chess World Cup. The top three finishers in the tournament will qualify for the 2024 Candidates Tournament.[2][3]

The tournament will be held in parallel with the Women’s Chess World Cup 2023.

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  1. Nic (J Bruce Feynman Niccolo P. Bentulan) says:

    1st – Alice Lee beat Wesley So…

    …'s girlfriend Carissa Yip in 2023 USCC girls juniors #suggestion

    Carissa is underperforming and even lost to a WGM because Carissa is distracted by a secret relationship with Wesley So that started in the 2022 Olympiad. Look at Carissa's X header.

    Notice both of them are defending champions but then underperform in their 1st tournaments after the Olympiad.

    Carissa Yip

    2021 USCC women's – winner

    2022 USCC girls juniors – didn't play but would've easily won if not for playing in 2022 USCC juniors instead

    2023 USCC girls juniors – only 3rd place (should be 2nd minimum)

    Wesley So

    2019 classical WFRCC – winner

    2021 9LX – 2nd place

    2021 USCC – winner

    2022 9LX – only 5th place

    2022 USCC – only 5th-6th place

    2022 rapid WFRCC – only 6th place (should be 4th minimum; also for other 2)

    2nd – Timestamps

    Why not let viewers make timestamps in comments then you can pin the best timestamp comment and copy the timestamps to the video description? #suggestion

    3rd – magnus cheats anish

    in round 7 superbet blitz 2023 –> 3:22:36 in 8gw7XDq87C4 #suggestion

    4th – Philippine women's chess 2022 WFRCC #suggestion

    WGM Janelle Frayna, the 1st and only Philippine WGM, upset Georgian GM (really GM not just WGM) Bela Khotenashvili at the 2022 world blitz.

    There's a 13-move UNDERPROMOTION puzzle here.

    [Variant "From Position"]

    [FEN "6k1/6b1/1p1P3p/6pP/3pPpP1/p2NqP2/6K1/5Q2"]

    1. Qd1 a2 2. Qb3+ Kf8 3. d7 Qe2+ 4. Nf2 Ke7 5. Qd5 Kd8 6. Qe6 Bf6 7. Qe8+ Kc7 8. Qc8+ Kd6 9. e5+ Qxe5 10. d8=R+ Bxd8 11. Qxd8+ Kc6 12. Qa8+ Kb5 13. Qxa2

    For some reason none of the Philippine channels except Kelvinllovejr even cover this game. LOL. But Janelle did cover the game where e drew against Nemo, so maybe Janelle will cover this game later on.

    P.S. Please help get Wesley So on Lex Fridman's podcast. See





  2. Gukesh being top 7 in world now. Sometimes think does 17 year old can be there? He may lack exp. but yeah he is here, what you gotta do. Incredible feat for sure.

  3. I was surprised that Agadmator didn't comment on the predicament White put itself into with moves 10-12. Even I could see that White was putting itself at a significant tactical disadvantage by enabling Black to trade its bishop for White's knight, which could only be retaken by the B2 pawn. That left the pawn all alone unsupported by a pawn on either side. From that point on it was obvious that Black only needs to trade its D pawn for the C pawn, after which Black is free to drive its C pawn right down White's throat. I'm not saying I personally could have played with enough precision to execute this plan for Black, but I did see this opportunity the instant White offered it. So I'm surprised Agadmator didn't warn that moves 10-12 put White in a predicament that could be exploited.

  4. Why don't you show the bar of stockfish

  5. Gukesh had to “hurry up” to greatness cause Pragg is coming up behind him.

  6. Iskandarov, Misratdin (2551) – Gukesh D (2744)????????

  7. My Nickname for him is "Golden 🥇 Gukesh" Winner 🏆 of Last Years Chess Olympiad…He has been identified as a probable future World 🌐 Champion…💯

    ps Other future names…"Great Gukesh"… "Gukesh the Great"…Famous Name Famous Game…😂😆🤣

  8. Why not is magnus playing? It is strange.

  9. Didn’t Wang Hao retired after the Candidates?

  10. The last two games have shown the power of having a pawn infiltrate the oppositions position. The defenders position slowly crumbled due to having that pawn so close to promotion.

  11. why does he cover this game? it's just boring as wang hao played poorly

  12. If I win the pin of shame, that would be the 2nd positive thing in my life… besides my covid test 2022…

  13. At this point Antonio is unstoppable with his consistency

  14. Lmaooo what the hell Wang Hao is doing here I thought he retired?

  15. #suggestion the Perez game that happened today.
    Also let’s have some more analysis on these games, more lines. Maybe some of the lines Peter discusses

  16. Great Game by Gukesh Geez he’s Deadly Wang Ho played a strong Game to begin with but that passed pawn ♟️ was the straw that broke the camels 🐪 back Thank you so much Agadmator Enjoyed Good Luck Gukesh 👍😊♟️

  17. Looking forward to future Olympiads where India would be led by Arjun, Gukesh, Pragg, Nihal, Vidit and many more additions 😊

  18. Please show Last 2 games of Fabi. Fabi was playing all of his moves instantly till 20th move today. #suggestion

  19. Why alireza firouzja don't play world cup

  20. Abdussattarov has the kryptone against Gukesh , Gukesh and Abdussatov will be for world title , mark my words

  21. Gukesh is like an anaconda that slowly and stealthily squeezes you into submission.

  22. Is there any reason why the description PGN is different than the video?

  23. Awesome consistency….that's super quick…great ❤

  24. Gukesh, Pragg & Nihal are the fresh cut gems India exported to the world chess.

  25. I love all the videos you make …i have learned a lot from it ….thanks
    Only one suggestion please cover more tal matches

  26. You're fast. ⚡⚡⚡⚡😁

  27. Gukesh VS Maguns will be an amazing matchup

  28. Gukesh will defeat ding liren and will win the world championship title for sure

  29. #SuggestionFide women's World Cup Aleksandra Goryachkina Vs Harika dronavali Today's game no.2 from the tie breaks .!

  30. Pleasure to acquaintance gentlemen….good game.Thank you, your friend Jon

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