Hans Niemann vs Piers Morgan – Hikaru LMAO!!

Hikaru checks out the Hans Niemann interview on Piers Morgan and laughs his butt off.


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  1. Hans you could have just worn a hat like Crotchripper, no need for the anal beads mate lol

  2. What a bizarre interview. There's a lot to say, but yes, if one is center of suspicion in a huge cheating scandal and admits to having cheated twice in the past, you should get down on your knees admitting it was wrong those two times and how stupid you were. You shouldn't explain the games away as "meaningless".

  3. Hikaru slowly realizing that there was indeed no shred of actual evidence thrown to the public about the things they accused Hans of.

  4. Hans didn't cheat against Magnus. His only sin was being arrogant about it. "The chess speaks for itself". Had he been humble none of this would have happened.

  5. Hans & Terry are meaningless aahahahahahaha

  6. I don't think doing this interview was a good idea for Hans, I think he thought it was gonna go one way and it went completely the other way.

  7. The fact is, most online mid to highly-ranked players simply got their rating from cheating. That is a fact of life. You're extremely naive and gullible if you think otherwise. Look around you; big-time cheating is going on in every sport in the world, including Olympus. Online Chess is one of the easiest games in the world to cheat at, so you have got to be pretty stupid to not realize that cheating in online chess is probably going on around 25% to 30% at any given time. Those anti-cheat engines are a joke. I've been a computer programmer for over 20 years, and those anti-cheat chess engines, at best, might get about 20% to 40% correct at best. The rest are false positives. This is why I like to play people over the board to see if they have any real talent. I don't think Hans cheated OTB. Magnus got his butt kicked, and he wasn't happy about it, so he decided to use Hans's past admission against him, just like the government is going after Russell Brand with his past admission because Russell embarrasses the government with the truth.

  8. piers is an idiot and hikaru feels personally attacked when someone doesnt like daddy magnus

  9. I love you Hikaru, but you are biased af here. 🙁

  10. If someone had any doubts in the past they are now cleared 🙂

  11. Piers is a massive asshole, but in this case it actually helped us to great content

  12. Omg I can't believe I missed this stream! Hilarious

  13. Basically i can say that Hikaru is using anal beats. And how can YOU prove than you don't? So Pierce question is kind of stupid to begin with.

  14. Magnus Carlsen does have a chess empire

  15. Don't get me wrong, there are some dodgy things about Hans – but the way you and Magnus have conducted yourselves isn't exactly stellar either.

  16. Hikaru is so butthurt about Hans. What a clown

  17. his lawyer took a deep breath and looked nervous as fk right before hans staring making a bs analogy about the basketball thing at 16 lol

  18. Somehow i feel Hans speaks more mature than Hikaru ever did. You talk shit, Hikaru. Stop making a clown of yourself for likes on youtube.

  19. I have to give one thing to Hans. He kept a straight face throughout the whole Interview and the whole anal beads discussion. I laughed so hard when I watched it😂

  20. Piers got into Hans' lawyer's skin lmao Piers really is a master at that

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