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  1. Anyone else get the BEWATERBL?”Be water my friend-Bruce Lee

  2. Jay Z is watching this with Kanye right now and Kanye is yelling at the screen "YOU AIN'T GOT THE ANSWERS LEVI!! YOU AINT GOT THE ANSWERS!!"

  3. i thought the thumbnail said "Magnus 400 elo"

  4. Ahaha, can you say the title of the song off Toutube? Not trying to cancel Levy just thought it was funny 😅

  5. Got big baited into 4K elo even tho I know it was liez

  6. I actually thought he hit 4000elo when I saw the thumbnail but whatever.

  7. @gotham: be water bl , is a reference to Bruce Lee famous quote : be water my friend in his martial art book he published

  8. way in german = weg( vɛk )

    edit: 23:05 – had to laugh out loud
    second edit: 25:04 – why are you doing this to me? way to funny ^^
    last edit: the last endgame was orgamsmic.

  9. The BL in BeWater stands for Bruce Lee, its a famous quote

  10. Why would you just take a covjd test before traveling unless you were feeling sick?

  11. 27:06 is there a 2nd 2-move-checkemate? or did I miss something?

    1. Rf7+;Bf6
    2. Rxf6#

    right or wrong?

  12. The thumbnails are getting better and better and I am here for it! Props to the artist.

  13. I think BeWaterBL is not the name of the GM, it’s a quote from Bruce Lee 😂

  14. Be water Bruce Lee… just Youtube it. It's a song.

  15. BL is Bruce Lee, who said "Be water, my friend"
    A part of his philosophy

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