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  1. BL stands for Bruce Lee, he has a quote that we should "be water" and adapt ourselves to the environment.

  2. We need a 3300 Magnus Vs Hikaru Christmas special!?

  3. BL stands for Bruce Lee "be water my friend"

  4. next vid: magnus moves the king three squares and reaches 9999 elo

  5. Anyone else get the impression that Levy would LOVE to be TEABAGGERD by Magnus — over and over and over and..?

  6. In real life, isn't Magnus' blitz record ~3000, like 50 points above Hikaru

  7. pushin p aka pawns in paris FREE THUGG ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ

  8. Levy, Be water BL is Bruce Lee quote

  9. Now fighting against Magnus is just a psychological war. You see these games, you'll find that the opponent had some good opportunities throughout the game, but still a few blunders and the game switches completely. Magnus' accuracy is also top class. He may make some inaccurate moves, but barely any blunder.

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