HE LOST AGAIN!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Congrats to Dardha on becoming the highest rated player in the world!

  2. That's my birthday and the best to celebrate is watching your videos ❤️

  3. Do the women IMs who play in this tournament get GM norms when beat the GMs?

  4. The title precisely refers to at most 50% of the players of this turn

  5. Kinda sounds like you say, “Welcome back to how to steal chess”

  6. Winning or losing is just a part of the game .

  7. This content cure my depression plz all the love thank you

  8. That's high level chess in a nutshell: you make 25 moves of engine prep without thinking and when it comes to playing the resulting endgame with only your own brain as a device… you throw it all away 🙈😅

  9. I'm not giving levi any more views until I see Magnus on the thumbnail again

  10. The only joke we know is levy never fails.

  11. Levy last night you stole my aunt’s fridge, are you trying to tell me something?

  12. Liam Vroh-luh+k. Like bro-duh+k. Means: cheerful.

  13. Can I request that a future video has the title: "HOLY SCHNITZEL!!!!"

  14. Chess championship = content farming🤣🤣

  15. Levy never fails to clockbait us to thinking he isn't a grandmaster anymore

  16. 24:40 as a Dutch guy I loved that one, walk around the Netherlands village. I don't know which village max is from
    Lemme check real quick
    Oh he's from the same Province as I lol

  17. Levy never fails to never failing never fail us

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