He Lost.

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  1. Fabi will win against Alireza today. If not, then Fabi will not win the Candidates.

  2. Yes white yes white moves into my theory,jbird wings,knights queen standing and once that d4 pawn was pushed by black ,white won the game but white did not finish the rest of my theory by not moving your pieces under the pawns right,white had all all the attack towards the black king and black had no attack and i mean none towards the white king for what ever you think you know or what the computer said, I know,I do,I did,I have,I am and maybe you find it or maybe you find out but in any since 1977 it will be jbird❤🎉😊🎉❤😊

  3. " Fall. You are alone child. There is only darkness for you and only death for your people. I will commend great and terrible army. We will sail to billion worlds. We will sail until every light has been extinguished. You are strong child but I am beyond strength. I am the end. " ☠

  4. shit 11:48 "obviously none of us were there" i was gonna go but got too indecisive :(( its literally held right next to my uni

  5. gotham i would like to know if you watched ufc 300 live?

  6. If Nepo wins the candidates and Ding decides to vacant the title bc he doesn’t want to play again against Nepo, would the second place of the candidates jump in?

  7. Alireza should wear appropriate clothing to start.

  8. Levy after watching the candidates l want to learn Ruy Lopez pls make an opening video on it.

  9. dude will you please tone down the side picking? I understand since he's sort of representing the States but CONCEAL IT A LITTLE BIT, it's making you difficult to watch

  10. It seems to me that to be a good chess player, you need a good memory. To be a great chess player, you need to be able to play chess.

  11. Levi searching for an example of how reliable the london is, And chooses Maserati (the infamously unreliable manufacturer)

  12. I'm a new fan of gukesh from this tournament

  13. Not you trauma dumping randomly at 7:02 😂😂… then proceeded normally… love it

  14. Yea the officials have it in for Alireza, so unfair

  15. Levy,porcamadonna,non spoilerare nel titolo

  16. Don’t you mean he played for the advantagement?

  17. Ufc 300 was everything ufc 200 wanted to be. Dana showed that you don't need the biggest names in the sport to put on an incredible event.

  18. Request video about chess cheating in live on samay Raina YouTube channel…….

  19. Hamas is an expert in meshing with the civilians around it so that you cannot target one without hitting the other. That’s what makes this type of terrorism so scary..

  20. Chess arbiters: Women cannot wear designer shoes that look a little like tennis shoes. and men cannot wear nice dress shoes because they make too much noise when walking around….Got it.

  21. He insulted his momma and his prosciutto at the same time, it cant get any worse than that 😂😂😂😂😂🤌🤌🤌🤌

  22. Maserati was your analogy for a "pretty reliable" car? 😀

  23. I was at the candidates, watching from the balcony, the floor itself is squeaky. It’s a faux platform and when anyone walks, it’s squeaks. The first 10 mins is nothing but the photographers squeaking around. And all the players walk around squeaking. A very bad call from the arbiter

  24. You gotta be trolling me, saying advancement like that. Queenside advance is juuuust fine hey.

  25. "That heart probably requires some sort of surgery."
    Bro speaking the fact.

  26. As an Italian, I can confirm: don't insult our prosicutto, we get very upset.

  27. Did you get a new camera? The quality is great. Maybe I've been watching too many older videos lately.

  28. Nepo has been the most boring player in this tournament

  29. You know, we used to say Ian was inconsistent and reliant on having the time advantage to suprise his opponents, that was his style some five years ago, but his defensive resourcefulness has really shined through this tournament and proves how he has really mastered what used to be his weakest point. It's important for a defensive player to be able to get into the mind of the attacker and this is what makes Nepo specially effective. He realizes Alireza is smelling blood and starts to do a King walk and setting up a fortress. Nepo bends but does not break

  30. Whenever the titles on your channel are something along the lines of "He lost!!" I just think of that "S(he) be(lie)ve(d)" -> Sbeve meme…

  31. Levy your coverage has single handedly changed the candidates from a stuffy boring old chess tournament to an exciting highlight show for me. I still don't think the format is good for chess on the whole but you have made it enjoyable for me to follow so thank you.

  32. Man if Alireza had taken his shoes off and said hold these to the arbitrator it would have been the most baller thing chess has ever seen. Can you imagine the memes if he won the game no shoes omg what a missed opportunity.

  33. When I checked the hikaru game before rook takes I thought Hikary is surely winning. I still cannot quite figure out where he went wrong. It feels like a series of inaccurate decisions trying to push too hard.

  34. Could the reason Fabi didn't want to play a5 be that he would also be fixing his pawns on the colour of the opponents bishop?

  35. Love your vids but can you not include the female candidates, or separate on a different upload ❤❤❤❤

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