He only moved his king. He won.

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  1. Hey Levy, thank you sincerely for doing the work that you do to make these chess games and learning chess in general so entertaining.

    The biggest barrier to becoming skilled at something, IMO, is burnout from a lack of enjoyment. Videos like yours make it easy to keep loving chess purely because of the work you put in and your talent as a teacher and entertainer, so thank you.

  2. The king also took the queen.
    Making it 9+3+3+1+1+3+5=24

  3. GM abhish mathew's student @samay raina

  4. I'm a player of 300 Elo and I don't do that things 😂😂😂

  5. so much for the rule 'Never move the same pieces nine times in a row at the beginning of the game'

  6. Did he just walk up, SLOWLY, and take all his pieces??

  7. I actually saw this on Reddit. It sure was a wild ride.

  8. That's why you should play bongcloud against 400 rated players
    They won't see any good moves, besides for checks and attacks, simultaneously blundering everything
    Good game Wojciech, you destroyed him

  9. "He only moved his king. He won." Bongcloud be like

  10. I am sure this guy will be gm once masterpeace

  11. when a bongcloud goes to a bong nuclear mushroom

  12. Alright you convinced me to not be lazy, I went and tried the free samples. I bought the Caro course, thanks for the discount!

  13. this game was perfect example of "A man set out on vengenance is far more dangerous than anything"

  14. I consume entertainment inRather unhealthy amounts says:

    13:35 even stockfish kneeled down to the infinite potential of this black king

  15. I have learned so much and have gotten much better at chess just from watching these videos 🔥

  16. I consume entertainment inRather unhealthy amounts says:

    Black king thought the pieces were useless, so he did the dirty work himself

  17. yet another clickbait title, disappointed but not surprised.

  18. Why didn’t he move his queen to g 7 ? As it would be check forces to take queens

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