He only moved his king. He won.

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  1. gotham i cant get your courses bec i broke and the samples i watch already 😢😢😢

  2. That ain’t no king, that’s a fu*king executioner.

  3. Even stockfish couldn't comprehend whats going on

  4. That king was a knight commander in his previous life🤣😂

  5. I believe we witnessed the ascension of King Chad I

  6. 😂 knew this game looked familiar. saw this game yesterday on reddit

  7. that evaluation bar doesn't know where it is or what's happening

  8. The black king: "fine, I'll do it myself"

  9. i can explain the black king move, he thinks he's magnus

  10. You should play the Anish chess bots for a video

  11. "that makes negative sense" is now going to be my favorite thing to say

  12. Can u make it a emi version for chess course pls😔

  13. thank u for looking at me like that at the start

  14. Imma slap myself in the throat with a straight razor lol

  15. Polish mountain, greetings from Radomsko ❤

  16. 10:00 "The king captured 7 points of material" is something you don't want to hear in a chess tournament

  17. Today's stare was brief but powerful. Complex emotions made me question existence 8/10

  18. This entire video was to persuade us into buying a chessly course

  19. We lost O-O #, but at least there's that

  20. Damn, the explanation of the opening and the logic of trades already helped me so much, holy cow!

  21. Ain’t no way it ain’t a smurf

  22. "One King to rule them all, One King to find them
    One King to kill them all and in the darkness bind them
    In the land of Stockfish, where eval bar lies."

  23. is this the game from the "how is this m1" post??

  24. That’s the coolest king I have ever seen

  25. When see 500 playing king is the most dangerous piece 😂🤣

  26. Hiya Gotham, is there any chance you'll make a video on the Women's Candidates final Lei Tingjie vs Tan Zhongyi? Lei's been playing spectacular chess

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