He only moved his king. He won.

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  1. That is a one true king and shall be remembered in history of chess as true king and a warrior who fight for his own army without sacrificing his comrades selute to you black king

  2. That is the most bongcloud thing we could've seen, and also made by my countrymate.

    Tak trzymać Wojtek, jesteś lepszy od Niemca 💪💪

  3. 12:00 the bishop was trying to stop the king as white thought the pawn is blocking it also
    I can relate with the 400 elo logic

  4. The King needed to show the soldiers how it is done.

  5. It's not $hilling if it's for your own content 😉

  6. Mad respect for saying 'pierogi' the right way.
    Ignoring the self-promotion… We've got to give Wojciech mad respect here, pure Polish blood if you ask me, what a maniac.

  7. I love the fact that stockfish said:
    Nah bro I ain't going to analyse this game

  8. "If a king doesn't move, then his subjects won't follow"
    -Lelouch Lamperouge

  9. Hey levy for fucks sake stop spoiling the fun of the video in the title, i still watch the vid nomatter what cuz ur voice is very good

  10. polak zrobił pielgżymke z częstochowy do zielonej góry i z powrotem❤

  11. This shows how strong and weak the king is 😌😌
    Good job boss 🙌🙌

  12. It seems this dude's coach only taught him how the king moves 😅

  13. Bro that game was so random and insane that even stockfish said "oh hell nah man I ain't dealing with this no more'

  14. The entertainment value here is top class. A storyteller with a winning channel!

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