HE WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. I love the recaps, thanks for all the effort that goes in. I also think screw the positive and negative comments focus on the people you know and value. I would also say the thing that defines you is not chess. GM doesn't change your worth so pursue it knowing that it's super stressful and hard but also that your no less to those you love and there opinions matter most. Not the unknown majority.

  2. Here in Norway it is a traditoion to watch chess inbetween christmas and New year I can remember me and my parents were watcing and they forgot to feed my little brother dinner because we were so focused on watching chess and Magnus (he won).

  3. Levy never fails to tear children's believes apart

  4. 7:41 Says over and over "not one of white's pieces crossed the center while simultaneously showing the white knight crossed the center lol.

  5. 12:38 "… this isn't a socio-economics channel. This is … aeughh, anyways castles…"

    Something the funny comes out chess men.

  6. Levy makes the commenting so much fun👍😂

  7. Another great tournament for VD!!Almost came close to a challenging Magnus again but a great year for him

  8. Magnus meat riding is beyond insane

  9. Could you cover Nepo vs my coach (Rodrigo Vasquez Schoeder.)

  10. 8:36 absolutely One of the Best GAMES of MÀGNUS🔥🔥🔥🔥

  11. Levy you miss the game NIhal – Foreseev. The game was death draw but at 150 move Nihal make a blunder and Foreseev won.

  12. Is there anyway to get your book to Poland. I bought it via App Store. Great content btw 🎉

  13. Levy never fails to mention chess in his videos!

  14. 9:50 And yes, for children who are watching this, Santa ain't real.

  15. Magnus’ second channel seems to be doing well

  16. not related to this videa, but I needed you to tell me how to train. Thank youy!

  17. 20:30 I really cried over this position. I was really hoping vidit to get Silver. But that is chess. 🙂

  18. Even If you Milk the goat Like the Most passionate Farmer, ITS Always Hilarious and fun to watch your videos😂❤ keep Up the good Analytics bro

  19. Even If you Milk the goat Like a passionate Farmer, you are the Most Hilarious analyzer ever! ITS Always fun to watch your videos😂❤❤ shoutouts from germany

  20. Levy never fails to say Magnus won the match

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