HE WON AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. The acoustics where ever he is are better than his home setup. Lol

  2. I was ready for some Frank content, I was sadly disappointed by Levy

  3. Wonder why Levy looks so sad when Nepo wins 😉

  4. Gotham, I love you dearly, but could you stop spoiling the result of the game in the title of the video? It takes the fun out of it for those who are not actively following the games live.
    Love your content though <3

  5. Bro stop putting spoilers in video titles, I understand the match doesnt generate a lot of views but if you want views just make 600 elo videos

  6. i saw the title and somehow i feel like ian won

  7. The horse has legs, it can jump.
    – Levi 2023

  8. Question I was thinking about: with various short form formats becoming more popular, might that have a knock on effect where game style is more aggressive, and thus leading to more results (for example, 3 positive results through 5 games in a World Championship)? Parallel in my mind is how much more aggressive Test Cricket has become since T20 became super popular.

    Just a thought.

  9. Ян Непомнящий хорошо выговаривает, молодец

  10. Why you spoiler the result man , stopp this

  11. Looks like Ding is not quite as strong with Black as Ian is. This is likely to be the deciding factor in Ian winning the WCC.

  12. Such high level chess. In moments where Levi mentions that this was a strong move, it is not a clear advantage from the moment the move gets played. That eval bar moves so minimally as well. Love to see it, even though I understand it very little haha.

  13. I like today's episode. It was mostly sounds like story telling and really helped to sleep. Long ago I used to watch chessnetwork in order to sleep faster. 🤓

  14. Damn! firouzja must some seriously good fashion designer

  15. This match is anybody's to take now. There are no favorites.

  16. Just clicking through waiting for dog cam to come back :/

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