HE WON! HE WON!!!!!!!!!!!


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  1. Nobody cares about the womans. Gonna skip all the games

  2. Damn, Vidit, who hurt you?
    As an Indian I was never a fan of Vidit because I saw him making his winning games complicated and saw hik choking. I like the playing style of Vishy, Prag, Gukesh, nihal, Arjun and all.
    I thought Vidit had potential but his peak is gone and he tries to play too safe and try to draw games and makes game boring as a chess fan but DAMN! he took a risk in 2nd game of Candidates??
    Are you kidding me Vidit?
    Gook luck vidit make us proud…

  3. 14:03, Prag resigns but he has mate in 1 with Qxg7, oh wait, THE ROOK!!!! ok, resign.

  4. Subscribe to top chess, top chess is a very good chess youtube channel

  5. Hikaru did see bishop takes on H3 according to what he says in his post mortem of the game.

  6. !!!!!!!!! !!!!! ! !!!! !!!!!!!!!!!
    !!!!!!!!!!!!!, !!!!, !!!!! !!!!!!!!

  7. where and when will the championship be played?

  8. Otb classical chess is not for Drawkamura, he better to play only online chess lol

  9. Prag spending all his time on 3 moves after that prep was crazy.

  10. Not gotham trying to hide that Aleksandra Grojatschkina is from Russia so that we cant say Russia won against Ukraine

  11. Hikaruuuu 😭 I was literally suffering physically yesterday watching live. I hope so much doesn’t let it get to him

  12. Anyone noticed all indian vs indian matches are early to avoid future max fixing chances

  13. Sorry, but isn't Vaishali a GM now and not an IM !!

  14. "You can't stop an avalanche with a horse" ~Levy

  15. Spoilers

    No way vidit found a novelty in the most popular opening!

  16. wait didnt vishali become a GM? why does it show IM?

  17. Amazing how Levy breaks down cutting-edge, high level games for the general audience. Great stuff.

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