HE WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Was not expecting to hear Mane with the knuckle Sane referenced

  2. I love how he finishes all his videos by saying ' get outta here' but in this video he says it in a different voice.

  3. Need more of that last bit of commentary. 🔥🔥🔥

  4. Cheer the Ding guy. He seems like such a good guy.

  5. I’m so happy for Ding!!!!! He came through with amazing tactics on Standby! 2/2! Let’s gooooo!!!!

  6. it's weird how you try to build suspense in the video when you give the result in the title 🙄

  7. Why are you ending the promotion in the LAST DAY of Pesach??? I’m not Jewish. However, I WAS thinking to get the course. Not during a high holy day, though.

  8. Ding liren had a great wall of China that game instant win home advantage.

  9. They are both so, so solid, that each game can only end in a draw or an act of sheer brilliance

  10. I'm following this tournament live and this is my first ever chess championship and it's sooo hype. The commentators are amazing and then levy's breakdown and highlights are godlike too. What an amazing month of entertainment!

  11. Tldr for the start : Every chess piece wanted to control refresh (F5) so everything was aimed at getting that refreshment XD

  12. Coach Levy, Can i get a PIN COMMENT cause I played chess to my long time crush and lost in just 10 moves, I'm ashamed to myself right now.

  13. Why don't they do a best of 15? Stupid question I know but just wondering.

  14. Himyusernameisveryverylongplznoticemeireallyneedit says:

    Xiao sung ha zhong guo shen Zai we yuo DING CHILLING

  15. First Ding was mentally lost,
    Next game he was settled,
    Now he destroyed NEPO!!

    Watch out, here comes DING!!

  16. I knew the result before clicking on the video but I came for THE ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOK

  17. Gotham, I am 1000 blitz, and I want to buy a course, so should I get the intermediate course or an E4 or D4 course?

  18. This was an exceptional analysis. You brought the energy, voice on point, good misdirection before the Ian blunder. 🤌

  19. my dumbass brain went why cant Qxe7 in the last position while listening to this on my phone – not seeing there are no blockades in front of the king on the e-file

  20. I'm seriously contemplating playing some line involving an exchange sacrifice in my next tournament, just to be able to say THE ROOK in my head, while fist bumping myself under the table. LMK if anyone else is now equally damaged. Rock on, Gotham!

  21. BBC: Big Boy Center. Thank you Levy for rewriting language <3

  22. Chesscom's post spoiled the game for me but they didn't mentioned the ROOOOOOOOOOK sac 🔥

  23. Title could have been : THE ROOOOOOOOOOOKKKKKKKKKKKKKK !

  24. Levy's enthusiasm breathed life into me at the end of a pretty exhausting day! THE ROOOOOOOOOOOK wiped out all of my existential dread! 😳💪🗿

  25. My mans talking about bbc in a chess video😂

  26. As soon as I saw Ding sac the rook I was HYPED for the Levy recap

  27. What happens if they tie at 7? Since there is no defending world champion

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