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  1. goddamn levy finally got hunted down by a london player

  2. Remember, always look for cheques, capchas, and a tax.

  3. Man you gotta change the mic, hearing every single sound ypur nouth does is not a pleasant experience.

  4. Just hit 900. Am so happy having just started a few months ago with zero prior knowledge. I've been watching these random analysis videos. Thanks so much.

  5. "Hmm, seems awfully familiar to me…"
    *remembers hikaru hitting 3500 elo in a video*

  6. Doulingo kidnapped levy to UK to learn the bri'ish accent

    cheers mate

  7. Gaining only a point when beating someone 2900 is crazy. Top level chess is unfathomable

  8. Если ты теперь в Лондоне самое время научиться играть Нью Йорк

  9. it is so sad that i can never reach hikaru level😥

  10. Bro personally delivered an autographed copy of his book to Tom Aspinall in person.

  11. I once had an old account, I was about 1200, and I falsely got banned for cheating, even though I didn't, but I think I know why the algorithm falsely thought I was cheating:

    I had this impressive win streak of 7 wins in a row, which is already unusual for a 1200. But if you look carefully, 5 out of these 7 games were all against the same person, because that person (who was exceptionally bad) just challenged me over and over again after I beat their ass. Basically the Dunning–Kruger effect, where they thought they could beat me, but they just always made the same mistakes over and over again and I effortlessly beat them 5 times in a row, and during all of these 5 games, I always had an accuracy of about 95. So 5 wins in a row with an accuracy of about 95 looks very suspicious at first glance, but when you realize that these 5 games were all played against the same person, who kept challenging me over and over again and always made the exact same mistakes, it does start to make sense. But the algorithm doesn't see that. The algorithm just sees "1200, 5 games in a row 95, definetly must be cheating," and so they banned me. After 5 games, I declined their challenge for another game, and they probably got so mad that they reported me, and the algorithm just saw our games and falsely concluded that I was cheating, without taking into consideration that I was playing against the same player, who always made the exact same mistakes, five times in a row, and that's how I ended up with an accuracy of 95 each time. Has anything like that ever happened to anyone else here before? I'm really curious.

  12. Levy is definitely one of the chess player of all time

  13. Man my girl won’t let me watch Gotham Chess after doing the deed smh

  14. awesome ! if anyone can get to 3400 its Hikaru ! I think… ''plonks his Knight in the center'' sounds better than plops lol… thanks Levy !

  15. Oh no levy is kidnapped by Duolingo again.

  16. Congrats to Hikaru for the elo and congrats to Levy for the book success

  17. thanks for duolingo to let levy to record a video

  18. Are u filming this at like 5 am or smth why ur voice like that?

  19. hikaru winning mantra – takes takes takes takes ….., takes takes and MATE

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