Hikaru Answers The Internet’s Most Pressing Questions

What is Hikaru Nakamura’s Net Worth? When did he become a grandmaster?! Chess.com CCO Danny Rensch sits down with Hikaru to ask the web’s most pressing questions!

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  1. No massive ego and then says top 10/15 OF ALL TIME 😂

    But also considers himself more of a streamer. So basically top 10/15 of all time while only dabbling a bit in competitive chess

  2. Is hikaru nakamura the juicer? Should we take him?

  3. Scandinavian… interesting… very interesting…

  4. So you are saying that Hans Niemanns lawsuit wasn't worth 2 Hikarus

  5. Top 15 chess player now? Yes. Undoubtedly. Top 15 chess player of all time? Not by a long shot.

  6. He didn't say Bongcloud… Oh sorry, remake the video please…

  7. Shinsuke Nakamura is actually a professional wrestler in the WWE

  8. You produce very entertaining videos. Bravo

  9. How is this not plagiarism of Wired’s video format?

  10. I thought he was going to say top ten now. He's definitely not top ten all time. He's probably top five now. This is my top ten of all time:

    1. Bobby Fischer
    2. Gary Kasparov
    3. Mikhail Botvinnik
    4. Magnus Carlsen
    5. Jose Capablanca
    6. Emanuel Lasker
    7. Alexander Alekhine
    8. Anatoly Karpov
    9. Viswanathan Anand
    10. Vladimir Kramnik

  11. Hikaru practically blitzing out everything, i am just worried he doesnt blitzing out his honeymoon

  12. he just takes takes takes takes takes and should be winning all the questions

  13. he talks like he needs to meet a 500 word minimum

  14. He as a fairly modest and down to earth demeanor, unlike the the greatest snowflake of all time Magnesium Calcium.

  15. They should do this with Morphy next.

  16. I though Hikaru would start off the video with
    "Welcome back everyone for todayyyyyz video we will answer some question ………."

  17. He doesn't usually look this handsome does he?

  18. I like chess as much as the next guy but no way are these the “internets most pressing questions “

  19. Question about TSM: Hikaru talks about TSMC silicon chip company and stocks.

  20. Why does it feel like he struggles pronouncing his own name

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