Hikaru Answers The Internet’s Most Pressing Questions

What is Hikaru Nakamura’s Net Worth? When did he become a grandmaster?! Chess.com CCO Danny Rensch sits down with Hikaru to ask the web’s most pressing questions!

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  1. Very “interesting” questions indeed

  2. they really removed the video to reupload cause u could see hikaru in the end

  3. Ok but the most important question: dose Hikaru know how the Knight moves?

  4. This guy seems smart, he should get into checkers

  5. He doesn't usually look this handsome does he?

  6. I'm surprised there was no question like "Does Hikaru Nakamura speak Japanese?"

  7. "top 10-15 in the world" wasn't he 2nd and 3rd to Magnus at several points? I know there are different divisions to factor in, but WELL inside the top 10?

  8. Of course, it would have been funny if Hikaru received an electric shock every time he said, “of course.” He would have been a smoldering pile of ash by the end of it, of course.

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