Hikaru Crushes Alex in Titled Tuesday with 99% Accuracy | Sync Chess

Hikaru Nakamura vs Alexandra Botez
online Blitz Match, chess game, online chess
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  1. He's almost 1000 point over her lamo not fair at all

  2. When your game was going pretty smoothly and easy and then a random dungeon you didnt know appears and theres only one enemy inside of it .

  3. One thing I have never understood is why in chess the timer doesnt keep going down each new game you play the same player for the winning player till both have a 50% win ratio against each other. That to me would be the true definition of an equal matchup with ratings integrated. I would love to see a tournament over time implement this.

  4. How did she get 19.4 accuracy with only two inaccuracies and two mistakes

  5. The good news is that 19.4 us a confidence builder for us trash players I really beat myself up every time I'm less than 40.

  6. Hikaru's only mistake was not pre moving the entire game

  7. 🏳️‍🌈⃠尤其此刻王永慶惡女跟 says:

    To alex that was the most intense game of her life
    To hikaru it was just another tuesday

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