Hikaru Is A Coward

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Day 137 | Journey to World Chess Champion


  1. bro is big mad Hikaru ripped him for being the "Self appointed 1st american chess world champion" lmfao.

  2. Hans is better than Hikaru, You play to twin

  3. maybe he just didn’t feel like playing or out of form it’s not easy to beat 2700’s

  4. Great chess players are known for their Elo, Nakamura is known for his Ego.

  5. I agree hikaru is a drama queen but you're in no way innocent. You have been a cheater and that'll always be a dent on your journey

  6. nobody cares about you, hans. you're a self admitted cheater and will always be known for being one

  7. The classic pretending you don't want a draw when you do

  8. in case he does end up world champion, id like to say i was here. AMERICA ON TOP BABY WOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

  9. Hans and Hikaru getting rich milking each other.

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