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  1. I hate to point it out but I don't see anyone else doing so: the Sam at 25:24 is Shankland not Sevian.

  2. 30:55 Its not a 9 round nor a 10 round tournament, but an 11-round tournament 😉

  3. I love Levy's coverage of the Fiday Ground Swatch.

  4. It wasn't 16 captures…… Rook to D1 didn't capture anything.

  5. OH MY GOD, Levy getting sponsored by Netflix!!! This is so absurd!!!!! Congratz Levy

  6. Why did levy not scream THE ROOK?😢

  7. Levi likes Ramazan because he is an IM like him

  8. 8:43

    "Levy admits to his shenanigans"

    9:02 is the part I am talking about in case you aren't that patient to wait till then.

  9. Ya damn comment baiter… rook to d1 😅

  10. It's a fifteen takes. Rook to D1 wasn't a capture. Or was it…

  11. 13th “take” in the mass exchange wasn’t quite a take.

  12. I can't wait for Levy to figure out this is actually an 11 round tournament

  13. In the Yu – Erigaisi game, it looks like you counted White's Rd1 as a capture. Well, I guess he 'captured' an empty square. 😀

  14. It wasnt 16 in a row, there was a rock move that wasnt a capture.

  15. isn't tourney 11 rounds? why say you wish it was more than 9 rounds at the end of the video

  16. So who yall rooting for to be top 2? I just want fabiano to be one of them

  17. I loved the part where Hikaru sat down and said, " It's Hikaru time! " and then Hikaru'd all over the place

  18. Hans either plays very good or loses horribly

  19. 5:14 why didnt white take the pawn witht he knight? can somebody explain?

  20. YOOOO I finally see sam shankland that naroditsky keeps talking about in one of these recaps! Dude is more famous for his question "what if you do it anyway" than for his whole career 😂

  21. This Levi Roosterman guy never fails to include Hiccup Napkin-Mura in his videos.

  22. Brother if you feel you are getting sick, REST 🙂

  23. Nice try, we know you found a time machine. Take us with you!

  24. Read the first 20 pages of your book last night- won 8 straight. Now 900

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