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  1. That ad timing was perfect! Damn Couldn’t leave if I wanted to

  2. Heey Levy i’m a long time subscriber to your channel now and am here to thank you for putting in the effort to improve other players at chess, i am currently 1300/1400 now and while i started at 800 that is thanks to you. I would love if you could make more instruction video’s about tactics and just chess in general what helped me the most is the method you thought me: checks captures attacks thank you for that please keep doing what you do best making awesome content cheers

  3. I ordered one of the first 4,000 signed copies Levy!!

  4. Watching the top-top players like Hikaru pull something so comically heartbreaking as this is like witnessing a profoundly skinny and malnourished elderly homeless man use his one arm to rearrange, twist, and wrap his limbs around his torso in the most uncanny and disturbing positions and it later turning out to be a 100% functional form despite the hellish sight it presents.

  5. As an elo 400… this was very entertaining.

  6. Levy is the only youtuber that has 200k vievs in 6h 😅

  7. it is just one move, I don't understand what is the big deal (ranked 700)

  8. Hikaru is a great content creator… for himself and for others.

  9. Why is it called the potato variation Levy?

  10. These potatoe ahh openings is the best way to starch your mornings

  11. Funny thing that the agent thinks that A4 on opening is equal position

  12. This is like using your hands to pedal a bike

  13. That's insane, Hikaru Nakamura is just aggressive

  14. And hikaru says that hes not a chess player but just a streamer🙏🙏💀💀💀

  15. Vladimir Kramnik says this is disrespectful and resigned.

  16. It's crazy Hikaru did this a fellow Grandmaster.

  17. levy i pre ordered your book. looks like a thousand ppl got to it first. it says best seller on barnes and noble and its not even in stock yet, great job brother. cant wait to get it, keep the great vids coming!

  18. Hikaru playing these openings to confuse opponents, thus making them spend more time early game and making them panic on end game with low time.

  19. love the content as always but I vote against the snappy pieces. It's a no no for me

  20. 12:22 I love how he’s making fun of himself 😂😂❤

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