Hikaru/Levy v Hess/Naroditsky! Batman & Robin Of Chess Fight Commentator Duo! Team Chess Battle SF2

Team Chess Battle is an event where two-player teams can freely communicate while facing other teams in a series of rapid chess games. Eight teams of two players each compete in a single-elimination bracket. Hikaru Nakamura, GothamChess, Anish Giri, Daniel Naroditsky, Wesley So, Fabiano Caruana and more battle for their share of the $25,000 prize fund!


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  1. this is like the most excited Danya has ever been

  2. That game was great. The end was a mail biter. Danya and Robert pulled it out. Yayyyyyyy

  3. Poor levy looks like hikaru made all the poor decision

  4. Damn, Hikaru found 14h3 (top computer move and unintuitive as hell) and Levy talked himself out of it 😭

  5. Gooodddddam this shit was awesome
    Danya begging Hess not to take the repetition and screaming everytime they were in time trouble was really peak content
    Love to see it

  6. The sinergi of Hess and Dania is out of this world! Such a great match!!!

  7. It is so good to have chefs available. lol.

  8. Timestamps

    4:52 Pregame 1

    7:41 Hikaru's advice for Anish on how to be a better teammate

    10:51 On chessboxing

    14:23 Game 1: Naroditsky/Hess – Nakamura/Rozman

    21:21 Danya's Hikaru voice impression

    28:32 Danny praises Hikaru's humility

    31:52 Hikaru's faith in Levy

    33:11 I've lost these types of positions against Hikaru

    47:31 Praising a phenomenal move

    57:24 Don't give me a heart attack

    59:07 Postgame 1

    1:01:36 Chess is a very boring game

    1:05:59 Break

    1:13:31 Pregame 2

    1:14:19 Hikaru's ramen sounds delicious

    1:15:16 Levy on mic audio difficulties

    1:16:02 Roasting openings

    1:18:51 This is foreshadowing

    1:19:27 Game 2: Nakamura/Rozman – Naroditsky/Hess

    1:19:59 Warning all ear users

    1:20:43 Hikaru literally doesn't care

    1:45:08 For the content

    1:50:54 Deez knights

    1:57:45 Going all-in

    2:08:44 Postgame 2

    2:12:01 Levy on the Team Chess Battle format

    2:17:40 Trash talk for the Finals against C-Squared

  9. Hikaru handled the loss with a surprising amount of maturity. Well done to him and Levy.

    Daniel “the prophet” Naroditsky and Robert “the Hess hampion” Hess are a powerful duo.

  10. I've never seen a more wholesome team than Danya & Robert 🔥

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