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  1. Day 10 of asking Levy to use music in his videos

  2. That blunder by tari was a 1200 level blunder lol just awful…hope he can recover and bounce back!

  3. Thai, pizza, Mexican. That shit got me 😂

  4. 20:09 how could you both miss it. white resigns in view of Queen F4?, instead of white resigns in view of pawn E4 check picks up the queen.

  5. I fr started watching the first upload and was like “wait isn’t this the same?” 😭😭

  6. Is baseball actually a sport…? Asking for a friend 😎

  7. I don’t care if it’s “unmarketable”I’d rather watch classical chess than any other version.

  8. Bro, there's a move called the ACCELERATED DRAGON. How is this not just always played? Like, I get it, tactics, out thinking, you want to win, but how much sheer willpower does it take to be like, "Yeah, I could play the Berlin, the Schadenfrued, maybe some Thin Mint, but I could also play the ACCELERATED DRAGON." That's the coolest name for a chess anything I've heard. I swear, promise you, rename all the chess stuff to fighting game moves and you'd immediately pick up a thousand new players that are like, "Yeah, I only play the Hadouken opening, but I mean, having my pawns in the center of the board is a good thing."

  9. Oh, my. I'm getting old. When did they start calling the "Ruy Lopez" . . . the "Spanish Opening" (?)

  10. I'm surprised this video wasn't titled "New World #2"

  11. Why am I shouting MEXICAN at my phone at 2 a.m. instead of sleeping ?

  12. The food choice you were trying to remember was Mexican Food.

  13. I got some very odd looks shouting “MEXICAN” at my phone, I’m not sure the explanation really helped either

  14. What's there to be surprised with when Magnus can't win a Classical? He's just not into it. He's said so in quite a few interviews.

  15. the pawn situation was like, you know, a MEXICAN standoff, which was the food levi forgott and I just wanted to let him know I screamed at him for it.

  16. at this point it feels like Magnus is trying to only win Armageddon games

  17. I think ESPN done some Classical chess couple of decades ago?

  18. Fabi and Hikaru play in the final round. Could be fun. Oh, and “Mexican”.

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