Hikaru Takes Down The No. 2 Chess Player In The World!

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  1. Your rating system fucking sucks. How about you fix it instead of making pointless videos that no one cares about?

  2. He looks so comfortable in the first frame!

  3. He also played R1d3 which was his 3rd brilliant move, blocking the queens vision from h7

  4. Hikaru better get in or I’m gonna end my puzzle streak 🧩

  5. The way they touch their faces every ten seconds 💀

  6. He's doing it for the streaming content

  7. Chess has to be the most face touching sport ever.

  8. People that play chess on that level are impressive. All I can do is beat my friend mercilessly (at chess)

  9. It's time for Hikaru to become 1st US world champion, lol!

  10. Amazing play on the part of Hikaru ♟️ 🫡

  11. The Norway chess losse of fabi and now grand swis Hikaru have some strong nerves against fabi

  12. That bishop sac got a brilliancy? It’s a nice move for sure but it wasn’t terribly hard to find.

  13. The only person who trumps hikaru is Magnus. And that too sometimes even he slips up.

  14. 1🇺🇸🌈🎄☕🥷🏽🏈 GO!! I HAVE NO GLASSES TO SEE AND SUBMIT CLICK. 🥷🏽 Aachilles

  15. Is this the guy someone said is cheating?

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