Hikaru Teaches Accelerated Dragon to Beginners

Professor Nakamura has your back and will teach you beginning concepts and openings.


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  1. Is there a way to play Hikaru on these runs? If so, how can i join and hopefully get to play a game🙂🙂

  2. As someone currently buying chess books, I'm surprised at the don't read books answer. For example, Bobby Fischer's book was understandable and educational and straightforward for beginners. I'm below 1,000, and I only got 8 problems wrong in fischers' book. However, after reading the book, my puzzles went up 200+ points, and my rating is finally going up. It really really teaches you to look at the whole board.

    It's astounding the wealth of information in chess books. there's always a snippet missing from another.

  3. "lose his pokimane or get check mated" that was hilarious 🤣

  4. 5k for winning Olympic gold is just ridiculous in modern money values

  5. I learned a lot through these games I hope he does more of these

  6. I'm like imagining what his opponent thinking why his opponent taking way to long and then in the other side of the screen is hikaru talking to his chats

  7. I (1800) taught my 9y cousin how to play chess and I found it quite challenging to purposely play educational moves that are 500 elo but still kinda makes sense

  8. Why you punish innocent Russians because of what their government does? That's ridiculous. Secondly, there isn't a "good guy, bad guy" It's more complex than good and bad. Ukraine is also beyond corrupt and in bed with our current potato in office.

  9. I think your reasoning for not going to Russia is illogical. If they didn’t do what they did they wouldn’t be a country in a few decades or centuries. With that reasoning you shouldn’t be living in America with Hiroshima etc.

  10. Hikaru could make a book “A Streamer’s Guide to Dominating in Chess”

    Ch.5 Wooden Shield
    Ch.7 Sun Ray

  11. That’s disgusting how little you were compensated for winning the Olympiad

  12. Its amazing to watch a world champion playing while talking like its nothing ……imagine the other dude thinking like : –

    -hahaha he's taking so long to play , guess i got it 😂😂😂 . Wtf he even gave me his queen , this dude is over .

    -(hikaru): yeah what? Well you know society blablabla , well lets wait a little so i can talk to you guys and then end him quickly as easy as drinking my water

  13. so Russia invaded another country and thats why you dont wanna go there? What about USA invaded another countries so many times? Thats fine for you Hikaru?

  14. this stream just talking about Hikaru, how actualy bad person he is….Being 5^2 scared him for a life

  15. Who knew watching a YouTube video could be so humbling even while this man is distracted 75% of the time

  16. That didn’t feel like an hour long video at all! Loving this kind of chill streams where we can learn chess and talk about sports, current events.

    And bless you 54:38

  17. About the compensation winning the world championship, sell your victory for a Merc, piece of land or a bunch of money. Just blunder your position where you could mate the opponent.

  18. 2000 rated oppo must be really confused seeing 500 playing like 3200

  19. რუსუდან ანთელავა says:

    Hikaru is best chess youtuber❤❤

  20. Everyone talks with such sympathy about the Russians invading Ukrainians, but no comments whatsoever about the Israelis killings Palestinians.

  21. Thank you so much for the talk about participation trophies, needs to be said as much as possible loved it and couldn't agree more.

  22. please please please keep your webcam on the right side and the chessboard on the left

  23. Sir you are such a genius streamer… Chess explained simply but meaningful

  24. Wow he says it like it is. Society is going to the dogs if you can't read books lol

  25. ("my gold Metal… is not in this house") at around 13 min. How many houses have you got?

  26. "6 is greater than 5, atleast with the math I grew up with…."
    Privileged to have grown up with the same Math as that of Hikaru…

  27. "Russia invaded a country and hundreds of thousands of people died" while US invading a dozen countries and killing millions of people is no big deal

  28. Hikaru…..I think from the Vishy told during the interview was mainly regarding the mental status and approach of yours towards chess now … which made a huge impact when u becomes a streamer and suddenly u didn't care about all that leads to him saying that like himself (Vishy) and Hikaru is now suddenly doing so well when you are no more affected by the stress and taking the games in a chill way!!!!!

  29. The xqc names for all the peices and patterns is actually really good learning tech

  30. Aprendo mucho maestro Hikaru, pero si entendiera inglés aprenderia mucho más 😼🔥

  31. hikaru just destroy 500-2k elo as usual nothing special

  32. Im learning but i cant really understand

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