Hikaru Teaches Accelerated Dragon to Beginners

Professor Nakamura has your back and will teach you beginning concepts and openings.


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  1. The table tennis paddle would break from the force of a tennis ball, so no you can't play tennis with a tennis table paddle 🙂

  2. 36:02 I guess you should leave the USA too, since they have invaded noumerous countries as well (many more than the Russians) resulting in millions of people dying.
    Also the USA was the instigator in the Russia-Ukraine war, I think you should know that.

  3. You said in the chess openings for beginners tier list video that accelerated dragon was in 'really bro?, but 'one of the best setups for a beginner' here.

  4. Hikaru : I have an extra pawn the game’s over let’s trade everything.Me : Blunders queen in one move

  5. I wonder how disappointed H is going to be when he finds out the US started the war 😢 🇺🇦🇷🇺As well as Germany refusing to enforce with Russia

  6. 3:45 Hikaru missed mat in one, no way, how, its almost as if Kramnik was correct, just joshing fair mistake probably

  7. dude you don't have to actually read verbatim and say "69" come on man ~

  8. "It's Magnus Carlson we're talking about here not Hans Neimann" ~ GM Hikaru Nakamura

  9. When are you planning to release your book.?

  10. One thing that amazes me is how natural it is for Hikaru to make an attacking move to elicit a particular response from his opponent. I guess that is a big part of the game, but it is just so easy for him. Like to attack the rook so that it moves and block the knight. I just don’t ever think I can get an opponent to move. I think that this will be my lesson from this video. I will try to do this more starting now!

  11. You should do endorsements like the famous tightend Rob Gronkowski

  12. him making fun of winning 5 thousand dollars is such a humble thing to do…

  13. @GMHikaru, Macska is a Hungarian word for Cat 🙂

  14. i hate it when you're playing against the player named Macskaj04 cause whenever he's in losing position he always offers a draw and not resigned it's annoying asf. Shame on youuuu Macskaj04 have some dignity .

  15. …Kappablanket. 🤣🤣🤣

  16. Lol on " common theme among beginners" I'm not a beginner I'm just permanently weak and frequently look like a beginner

  17. Hikaru i know you named the books name, but what would be the Best books to get better and learn as 1000 chess player

  18. 1500s are beginner level??? Okay. I'm leaving chess.

  19. Someone noticed that hikaru had a big glass of water that mean he drinking water like mosnster by the way please drink water daily

  20. wha? is my comment asking about the book being deleted constantly? can channels now delete comments? whoa?

  21. moglbys mowic po polsku bo moj kolega nie rozumie

  22. 1:41 "Which is why you have to be very careful if your opponent ever fianCHEETOS the bishop"

  23. Really interesting how americans and probably europeans see the conflict in Ukraine as Russia invading a country, while the rest of the world sees it as Russia defending itself… I guess the media in west is doing its job

  24. oh please federer would beat you with a ping pong paddle. You’re a bit cocky!

  25. top 400 in tennis make a living but what about top chess players? top 20 or 50? probably even worse than tennis

  26. I try to learn something with these videos. I learned the Bishops move to make a fossil

  27. I always wondered how drunk Hikaru would have to be in order for me to have a chance. 😂

  28. I seen a few moves that seemed better so I put in stockfish and it agrees. Nd4! is even better then Bxh3. Example Nd4. Qe4, Bxh3. Kh2 Bf5. Qe3, Qh5+. Kg1 and Ne2+ wins the Q. But even as in game Bxh3 threatening mate. You played Qf3. ( F4 slightly better. But anyways Qf3 then you chose Bd7 but again why not Nd4 as the same theme works in all variations and Nd4 is the strongest move, example after Qf3 Nd4!! eval -8.79 not Bd7 eval -7.10 so then Qxh3 Ne2+ Kh2, Qe5+ g3 followed By QxR and Black is up a Rook and a Horse and GG follows. Correcrt?

  29. Hikaru is so confident in his end game, always trades into an end game 😅

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