Hikaru vs Hans!!

Hikaru played Hans in Titled Tuesday Sept 5, 2023. Hikaru recaps the game here:



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  1. I love when Hikaru reviews games, he adds in these cool facts during his videos and not only gives his thoughts and insights but also teaches us about the history of chess ❤

  2. Were you able to hear his Stockfish beads going off?

  3. i’m just a noob and probably have no right to ask this question but why didn’t you castle early on?

  4. This beef is gonna be so good for the next time they play OTB!

  5. That was an exceptionally boring game to highlight…

  6. Nice seeing you guys fight on the board instead of in court

  7. Played a berlin and drew… what a surprise

  8. The content potential is OFF THE CHARTS now that he's back

  9. It was a miracle Hans just so happened to prepare for you to play the Berlin opening. Truly you were lucky to escape with a draw. Beader luck next time.

  10. Hans is my favorite player. This is going to be good

  11. WELCOME BAAAAAACK EVERYOOONE FOR TODAYYYYYYYYY S VIDEO – would prefer a more normal introduction

  12. Why has no one come to you about doing a chess anime?

  13. Hey man, you managed to draw against Stockfish. That's no small feat!

  14. Congurt. Hikaru to draw against stockfish😘❤️❤️

  15. Some negative comments here are ridiculous. Covering games of someone who dipped into some contraversy is a good thing. Its good content and somewhat of a healing or moving on. They tested each other and basically played resiliently. To be expected. Basically there are few endings to dramas in this world that are positive on all sides. And so the people start to stir up nonsense and controversy because they arent satisfied by good outcomes. All in all Hans will be under scrutiny but he has been given an opportunity. I have a feeling when it comes to passion for chess that as Hikaru is ever passionate about the game, so is Hans. And thats the reason I doubt he will cheat again. Because its the only thing he enjoys, so he wont throw that away when he knows the stakes are seeious now. We hope at least

  16. Drawing stockfish is a big achievement
    Magnus could never

  17. playing against stockfish is Though. well done 😅

  18. White had many winning chances but curiously chose the drawish ones

  19. Weird to be upset with a dry draw game when he plays a Berlin. Oh well!

  20. Don’t claim someone was allegedly cheating then draw. Nah b, it’s either you win or lose. NO DRAW!!!

  21. Hikaru could not do anything but draw against the bead master. The chess says it all, Hikaru is not as good as we though.

  22. Probably would be frustrating to be hikaru and have worked on chess your whole life just to play against a cheater

  23. Just a suggestion : Once you have showed any variation, the colour of the board becomes dim, You need to refresh the site to get the original normal board. This dim board refers as a variation and also is not good to the eyes as a viewer.

  24. Not interested in seeing super GMs playing cheats

  25. You are the good,Hans is the bad and of course Levy is the ugly.Hee! …It's all fun and games.

  26. Drawing Stockbead in a blitz game is a major feat.

    Congratz hikaru

  27. Niemann won this, because he got the super GM shook.

  28. Y'all are so mean to Hans. Dude made some mistakes in the past but he didn't cheat OTB and is just good at chess

  29. Last time Hans Niemann defeated you.
    you failed to take revenge!

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