HIKARU, YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Why do these title sound like he is getting fu*ked by Hiraku

  2. Absolutely love the recaps. You’re awesome

  3. Why do people get annoyed that Levy covers the games of the most popular players in chess? Its literally what people care about the most and what will get the most views, nothing wrong with that

  4. How does Nepo keep getting away with it, insane

  5. Not expecting Firouzja win, Gukesh is playing very well in this tournament

  6. Was Ian Nepomniachtchi able to see that forced draw?

  7. I didn't see that Alireza's Rook lift coming 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  8. My man Nepo getting ready to run it back with Ding.

  9. Hey Gotham, I just started playing chess recently and ran into a cheater. This cheater was somehow about to diagonally take a pawn that was not in a diagonal position from this pawn. Is there anyway for me to submit the game for you to review.

  10. seriously, does alireza even have a coach? what is this? and why did it work?

  11. Gotham why not you put stockfish 13 and fight against new gen martin?

  12. OH MY FUCKING GOOOOOOOOOOOD ALIREZA YOU'RE HIM YOU'RE LITERALLY HIIIIIIIIIIIM Istg bro if he plays like this he'll win the tournament I really hope he win this Shi and the world championship afterwards oh man this game was a madness

  13. Phew!!! Nepomniatchi's streak continues.. had me a little bit scared there…

  14. Wow. What a last game. Great coverage Gotham, and I’m really enjoying your book.

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