Hikaru’s Thoughts on the WCC Game 7 Press Conference

Hikaru watches Game 7 Press Conference with chat.


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  1. I love when she calls him. "Dink"! He really is a dink!

  2. Hey guys I'm new in chess pro scene but I just want to ask if Hikaru participated in this tournament? Or why is he not playing? Thanks!

  3. On April 12th Magnus was playing poker in LA.

  4. It's kinda weird that the press calls out certain moves as "inaccuracies", there is no simple answer to human vs. human games, i.e, certain lines can pose greater challenges depending on your opponent's strengths and weaknesses.

  5. The moment Ding wasted almost about 2 minutes before playing …1 e6 is in effect the moment he lost. You can argue he was authentic in his contemplation over the surprise, but I felt like it was over mind-game-y and he was looking around like some Martyr. He was obviously in some oxymoronic ego trip after taking massive amounts of time and winning like an engine in game 6. I’m not blaming him for it, it’s natural to “over-embrace” the strategy that worked so well in his beautiful wins… but to me his whole Martyr persona is unnecessary and ultimately made him lose. He is doing it to intimidate Nepo from playing fast like he does, as if to warn him he will punish him over the board. But he was giving himself too much credit with so many agonizing tanking. Happy for Nepo.

  6. Hikaru low key hating on Ian and its sad to see

  7. When Ding said he was doing fine with the french def but only messed up at the end, it was definitely true. I find the context of the interview was irrelevant nonetheless.

  8. It’s the day before April 20th and I’m the 69,000th view 😂

  9. I really do think this is far from over. We still have half of the match ahead and

    a) Nepo tends to struggle in decisive moments in tournaments (probably even more considering we are reaching final stages of a WCC)

    b) we learnt from the first seven games that this match is absolutely unpredictable

    c) this particular game confirmed that Nepo is weaker than expected. It seems as if Nepo’s prep focused only on Ding’s mainstream repertoire and therefore struggled in games were Ding chose other openings (London and French defense).

    Buckle up, (even more) fireworks are coming

  10. everyone is saying hikaru should commentate, but then the co-caster would obviously say "why aren't you the one playing then"

  11. Meh….. Nepo is just no good… Shouldn't be playing in WCC match… bad opening prep… always overly optimistic about his position… moves too fast… got lucky to win the candidates… etc…
    what's with all the hating on Nepo?
    With all those negatives, why didn't anyone best him in the candidates matches?? 😏

  12. Better explanations with the table. Nobody remembered the precise situation on the table. Only the players.

  13. These two are both so likable and this review is really great. It is really great that the tension is in the gameplay and not their chess personas. At the same time, their chess personalities are both quite evident in this match. So good. Thank you, Hikaru.

  14. This reminds me of Stanley Cup pressers. You have to talk to everyone

  15. Keti should be fired for asking that question to lead the press conference. She is absolutely without an ounce of class. Disgusting behavior. She ruined her career with one asinine question.

  16. As good as Hikaru's commentary is, Dubov's dry humour is absolutely sublime.

  17. hate to sound slightly racist but there's nothing sadder than listening to a chinese guy when he's really sad; these interviews after defeats are the worst

  18. Curious… At what level can you guys FULLY understand Hikaru's analysis? E.g. 1500? I'm a 500 beginner and I cannot follow anything at all.

  19. Hikaru watch the video clips that made hikaru famous

  20. holy smokes my man, please normalize your audio.

  21. You shouldn't expect Ian to remember his prep. I mean, the guy's surname literally means "the one who doesn't remember".

  22. 17:2218:05
    Only in an anime would you play an opening for sentimental reasons. I can literally envision it in my head. LOL

  23. they for sure have to improve questions on press conference

  24. I find it truly astonishing how the top gms are able to memorise each position of each piece and recite possible moves. Blows my mind

  25. 17:50 Probably not for a world championship match, but in some ways the bong cloud getsvplayed for sentimental value.

  26. must be hard for ding getting to the match via karjakin disqualification and carlsen withdrawal. perhaps deep down does not want to win the match and be considered an unworthy wc. under so much pressure even small doubts matter.

  27. Hearing this analysis from Hikaru, it makes me feel like Ian's approach of leaving the board, or occasionally hanging around, is very much a mind-game that is paying off. Can you imagine dilly-dallying to reach move 40 but your opponent is getting up and moving away from the board for five minutes every time. Part of the game, sure, just feels difficult in this Rapid/Blitz age.

  28. Hikaru should be challenging for the title

  29. I'll always say it, chess is an exercise in self torment. Regardless of ELO, you can be 2600 or 600 and still hate yourself.

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