How Bad Is 1,000 Chess Elo?

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  1. The commentary during that bullet game was just awesome. Never laughed so hard watching chess

  2. feels so weird game review says I play like a 1450 but I am stuck at 900

  3. how are gotham's opponent's not even that good ( I mean they were still good), I was like 500 a few weeks ago and basically 80 percent of my opponents had an estimated elo of 1050+

  4. BROOO why didn’t you make the title “levy loses to an 1000 elo”

  5. Reaching 1000 was the pinnacle of my chess career. I’ve gotten up as high as 2600 since, but the feeling I got when I finally hit 1000 remains unmatched

  6. 2000 elo please. I just seem can't move from there.

  7. That first game felt well above a 1000 ELO game in terms of their performance. Maybe they’re just up and coming, but I’ve beaten 1500 and they’ve not played as well as that I feel.

  8. I recently hit 2100 in Puzzles and I'm feeling pretty awesome about that. I was hard stuck at 1400 and finally broke through. Then I was hard stuck at 1900 and broke though.

  9. The 1000s I play are too freaking solid, Even at bullet. Except I do notice that on both sides, we miss most 2-3 move combination moves. Like a piece is just lost in a 2-3 move tactic and we both miss it.

  10. I remember hitting 1k elo. I was so happy and tried my best to keep it. I ended loosing because i didn't know the opening I was playing. I went back to 900. then 800. and i've been stuck around 850 for 2 months.

  11. I feel like people in rapid play worst chess and faster than people in blitz for the same elo (for around 1000-1500 at least)

  12. You need to make videos like the last game, that was the funniest thing I’ve seen in awhile

  13. That sponsor was so funny Im hooked on it 🙂

  14. As a 1000 I am ashamed of these people. I feel like i play much better.

  15. As a ~900, I just don’t understand how you can memorize responses on all the different openings without putting so many hours into it. I play a couple games a day and like watching the videos but all the opening memorization seems overwhelming

  16. I'm surprised by how well Levy played despite playing in a level twice his ELO. Congrats

  17. Please do this for 1200 as well. That's my goal rating! (am 1000 atm — the ultimate goal is to kick my friend's butt who is 1500, but I'm not liking my chances…)

  18. You like tennis? I grew up playing tennis, maybe we could do a lesson for lesson next time you’re in LA 🤔 I can get you on some nice courts in Malibu if that sweetens the deal

  19. As a 900. 1000s never hang queens every game. It only happen every other game and it's for tempo.

  20. Letting the guy get away with all kinds of stuff in the bullet game was heartwarming haha

  21. The only Batman quote I remember Is," It's what we do that defines who we are."

  22. Yeah, 1000 Rapids are struggle. lol. But 1000 Blitz are very good! Most are like 1500 Rapids!

  23. I had hit 1000 within 2 weeks of picking up chess, guess im just too much of a genius to care!

  24. I wish I can play you,i know I can beat you

  25. I Appreciate how he posts like everyday 😊

  26. 10:55 I'm not gonna lie, as a 1600 I thought of the Knight move too. Yes I did forget the bishop.

  27. Nahhh I'm getting out of 1000 elo ASAP. Can't believe this is how disgraceful we look (I'm pretty sure I don't play like these guys).

  28. I don't play chess… I play magic the gathering. But here I am.

  29. I like how he pretends to want to educate us just so he has an excuse to wail on some 1000s

  30. Thanks for helping me get to 1000 Levy! I was stuck at 1200 for a long time!

  31. Made to 1000 twice in blitz then started losing so many games that it dropped to 880 in a week

  32. “I found Magnus secret account” was a previous title

  33. Unfortunately the lower Elo is scattered with very good and very bad players. You could be well on your way to the 1300’s then get crushed by players who belong in the 1700’s and be back where you started

  34. I'm 1500 and beat the 1600/1800 bots more than 50% of the time but against that first guy I'd get completely crushed.

  35. I’ve watched a lot of your videos, and this is one of the best concepts for a video you’ve ever had.

  36. Wtf are those 1000elo guys blundering loads of full pieces. Im 800 and it never happens

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