How Bad Is 1,000 Chess Elo?

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  1. Dang I was below 1000 for maybe a couple months 30 years ago lol
    I can’t imagine

  2. Bro every 1000 plays like that. And some are even better. The fact that you were shocked by the first one makes me think that you underestimate 1000 rated players

  3. "Being 1000 elo for 24h." Meanwhile video long 28 minits 🤣.

  4. As a 750 player whenever I beat an 1100 feels like winning against Hikaru

  5. I just wanted to say that شهاب ریدی

  6. I swear that from every video in between I've shot up the elo ratings accordingly; I'm around 900-1100 now

  7. i was 900 1.5 months ago(blitz, rapid) and i was horrified whenever i got matched with a 1000, when 1050(i only played blitz then), i was winning and losing games with 1000s, then i started playing rapid 1 week ago and now im 1252 rapid

  8. I like this series. I earned my 1000 elo in a car, coming back from holidays. I knew this game can win me 1000 elo. We were in mountains and I lost my connection mid game, I had to risk some premoves and sacrifice positions stability for attack. I won

  9. but 1000 blitz is usually better than 1000 rapid, no? I'm 1100 Blitz and 1500 Rapid

  10. Crossing 1000 elo was the bane of my existence. I barely crossed it, lost about 10 games in a row, went back to around 950, very slowly got back to 1000 after about a month just for the whole thing to happen again. This repeated for 5 times. I am now 1350 blitz and 1400 rapid but i still remember the struggle and elo anxiety vividly.

  11. would be better if you played against them at your level and not pretending to not see moves

  12. Gotham, idk what you thinking, but there is a huge difference between 1000 elo rapid and bullet and 3 min. And even at this level, there is no chatting during the game!

  13. I just got 1000 elo 4 days ago. Levy made a whole video just for me. Thank you Levy

  14. levy can you make a video with you playing stockfish 16

  15. 1000 is very hard to play if u play popular opening only

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