How MANY brilliant moves in Chess ???

How many brilliant moves could there possibly be in one single game???
Farming brilliant moves in a stalemate…

Music- Mozart


  1. 1:20 on one hand, opponent could have sac'd the rook, check f7, take the rook and they're in a very good winning postion

    On the other, this was an amazing brilliant farm

  2. How many brillaint moves there are in Chess?*

  3. It's bullshit, why would you draw it when you can actually win, he hang his rook so many times and non of the pawns will successfully promote to queen and rook and king mate is very possible

  4. 4:41 there rook d7 is forking rook and king if takes, there is stalemate

  5. Bro just makes a brilliant move like nothing

  6. dang, can someone paste all of the moves please?

  7. bro missed so many checkmates. He could've checkmate with his pawns. Made me want to cry

  8. 3:27 im pretty sure that rook e8 would be checkmate correct me if im wrong tho

  9. Fun Fact: on the opening Bxf7 was only best

  10. Ok you miss one mate 1:43 instead after giving check at g7 check him again with rook h7 he goes g8 queen g7 mate

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