How to ACTUALLY win at Chess

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  1. I understand you always play blitz in these kinds of video's, but I would actually love to see this kind of video for rapid.

    For me personally, that's the only elo I actually care about. I only really play blitz or even bullet when it's late at night and I can't think as straight anymore.

  2. Bro for some reason I found this really wholesome and cute hahaha

  3. I got Gothams starting course awhile ago and holy crap it blew my mind how good he is at explaining the games basics, its been awhile since then and I've gone from 200 elo to 1300 and I'm proud to say that one of my favorite courses was the Caro kann defense. I would highly recommend the courses and the money you spend on each one of them is an investment that pays back in full. THANKSS LEVYY

  4. The 500s i play against know every main line of the openings i play idk what kind of 500s levy plays against

  5. It would make a hell of a video if some one cheated against gotham in one of these elo comparison episodes.

  6. I went from 1640 to 1470 in a week, then got tilted, then I randomly gained back the 1600 during random winning streak. So yeah, I am average 1400-1600 elo player.

  7. Levy doesn't sacrifice the rook, the rook sacrifices him

  8. Actually i went from 500 to 900 in 3 months watching gothamchess's videos🗿

  9. Levi is like je JoJo villain, he always wins with time advantage

  10. me before gotham 350 elo… After 900

  11. that game was very intense, it was great playing you!

    – BuriedCorpses

  12. Your secret of changing your eye color and jawline is exposed as your forehead

  13. I climbed from 600 to 1600 in the last year ……
    But now im dropping…..i lost 100 elo last week.
    Can anyone help?

  14. I went from 250 elo to 500 elo in the span of two months because of watching your videos, which is actually shocking because I didn’t progress for three months.

  15. someone lied to you about a knight is worst than a bishop…bishops are kamikazes,your knight is suppose to be your best none queen piece…my personal favs are king , knight , queen , rook , pawn , bishop in that order

  16. That 500 was playing just like my low elo opponents. Why can’t everyone else be as bad as lose at chess stars?

  17. Hey I got a question for you, do you eat bread?

  18. I'm currently stuck between 800 – 900. But I can win consistently against 1000 – 1300 bots. Are bots really not that accurate?

    If I can officially reach 1000, I will feel accomplished. I was so close at about 980… then went on a massive losing streak and been an 800 ever since… 😭

  19. YouTube liked this video for me.

  20. Gotham doesn't know the semi slave meran…. I'm surprised … also when u review I was screaming e5 your goal and blacks job to prevent!

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