How to ACTUALLY win at Chess

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  1. Пишу, щоб Леві зробив більше відео такого формату. (Ігри з посненням для мене – глядача 500-2000).

  2. this is good but it’ll never be the perfect Sunday that one and a half to two hours of 10 minutes games gave me. I understand that it’s not suitable for monetisation because nobody watches 2 hours straight but I really miss the good old “how to win at chess”

  3. Wow. Levy just solved chess and then literally gave us all the answer. This is truly the best chess video on the internet.

  4. Same series, 10 minute games. They're more valuable for us learning.

  5. Me want to see this format again. Tomorrow!

  6. I started in March at 550 or so and now I'm at 1150 lol

  7. 500 elo guy definitely cheated. I bet my entire life on it. Kiru me if i am wrong.

  8. I took a break from chess – just haven't played in a while. I feel like when coming back I'm way worse than before because i just can't calculate and I'm just making moves with a complete disregard for what moves my opponents are playing. I'm thinking only 1 maybe 2 ahead whereas before I thought I could calculate fairly well for a 1000 elo player but i l just keep losing and losing..

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