How to INSTANTLY Get Better at Chess in 24 hours

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  1. I’m good at hanging pieces so I learned openings that involve hanging my pieces that also give me a huge advantage

  2. Can you give some comment of the losing streak. I feel so bad I want to give up, almost. Even a draw would be welcome. How do I relax, I don't want to lose anymore and everytime I move up, I deal with better players, and I want to sandbag my score so I can own some noobs.

  3. 1. im good at middle game 2. i always put on max volume 3. i always think before moving

  4. Download stockfish and run it from your 4th move.

  5. having cold (not very, but maybe like 18 C in T-shirt) prevents me from zoning out every 2 min. Also works for exams at college.

  6. When you lose a queen or just losing in general don't be so quick to resign just try to play good chess bc a lot of the time I find that opponents don't know what to do with a winning position and blunder their way into losing or evening the game back up or missing mates or even stalemating the game (1100 and below for the most part)

  7. Thank You very much man.Today i hit 1000 elo thanks to your videos they help me so much and i hope you continue posting chess.

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