How To Play Chess: The Ultimate Beginner Guide

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How to play chess properly, a guide for beginners. This guide is designed to teach you chess basics, chess openings, endgames, tactics, and strategy.

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  1. Always good to get new people in to chess. Thanks again for the great video Gotham!

  2. Great video!! I enjoyed every minute of it!!!!

  3. Code geass Fr got me watching chess vids

  4. ahh yes now i can beat the ai on my phone

  5. thanks for sharing this …. Chess is maybe the greatest strategy game that Human Beings have ever invented. Always Interesting.

  6. i've challenges a friend to a game of chess, now i'll have to make sure i win ^^

  7. Loved your video. I learnt chess from you -and thank you everyone time I win a game 🙂

  8. There np problem bye I am gonna watch it sya

  9. I want to play chess so that’s how I want to watch this and also ill sub and like
    Np gothamchess

  10. I'll come back here when I finish Queen's Gambit

    Assuming I get hooked

  11. my dad gifted me a expensive glass chess set for my birthday, my birthday was 5 months ago and my dad found the unused chess set and because i felt bad i need to learn how to play

  12. Let me stop reading the comments and listen to my friend ❤😮😂😂😂

  13. I need to watch this video first to beat my grandpa

  14. I want to add in something, when you decide to castle, DO NOT bring in your Rook to f1 and expect the King will jump over, it will not. I’ve been that dummy and did that because I thought “eh samething” but it’s not, the King will not move.

  15. I used to play when I was 10 to maybe 13.. 14 years old. I’m now 58 on there cusp of turning 60 and ready to play again. Impressed with what I still sort of remember… But I’m learning so much more just on this one video. I hate to admit how many times I’ve watched it and how many 3 x 5 cards I’ve written down to remind me of things I have lost!
    I just wanna say thank you for doing a phenomenal job explaining and showing the game! As I progress I look forward to watching more and more of your videos!

  16. I like to compare en passant to “attack of opportunity” in d&d. Someone in combat decides to run passed you, and you gain the opportunity to swing at them.

  17. I wish I learnt this when I was younger.. My 33 year old brain was fried within the first 15 mins :S

  18. omg!! finally a video with an explanation of the game that I can truly understand! thank you so much for this video!! you're an awesome teacher! thank you thank you for teaching the game so well!

  19. I know how to win no matter what I am a big fan of this Chanel but I am a kid

  20. I know nothing about this game but it looks like something that could be interesting to learn

  21. I genuinely never heard about that pawn thing I had to go check it out myself

  22. I have my school chess competition tomorrow, wish me luck

  23. idk why but you look like Shakespeare. thanks for the informative video.

  24. Just a quick tip checkmate always happens at the end of the game because of the game ends when there’s a checkmate.

  25. Hi, I'm eleven years old. I have learned a bit of chess from your channel but not on the order, so I'm restarting. Love your channel, you are very explanatory and entertaining. Thank You

  26. Are there any other videos that gotham have made to not get stalemate?

  27. So pawn is for protecting 🤔? I’m beginner here lol

  28. Very nice briefing and guidance lines of chess game.

  29. How do you get that Training Board like that? If you could tell me I would greatly appreciate as I would teach my whole family about it, Thanks! (✿◠‿◠)

  30. Wow this is SO ultimate! It has every essential things to play a chess-like chess, and the way you explain is very easy to understand.

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