How to play Yugioh Chess

Learn the rules to Yugioh Chess quickly and concisely – This video has no distractions, just the rules. For a refresher of the original Chess rules, check out this video:

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The rules are the same as regular chess except for these changes. For a refresher of those rules, check out this video. Each player rolls a 20-sided die, and the high roll goes first. Reroll on a tie. Before play begins, whoever is going second, rolls two 8-sided dice 5 times. If they do not roll an 8 at least once, then they immediately lose the game. During the game, on your turn, after you move, you and your opponent each roll a 10-sided die and compare the numbers. If you rolled a 9 and your opponent rolled a 0, then you instantly win the game. If your roll is equal to or greater than 5 times your opponent’s roll, or if they rolled a 0 and you rolled a 1 through 8, then promote any one of your pawns to a queen. If you do not have any pawns on the board, then you may add a queen to any of your vacant pawn starting squares. Queens promoted or placed in this way are not taken from the pool of pieces your opponent has captured.

If your roll is equal to or greater than 4 times your opponent’s roll, then your opponent must skip their next turn and you move again. If your opponent is in check when their turn is skipped, then you win the game. If your roll is equal to or greater than 3 times your opponent’s roll, then you may add any piece your opponent has already captured to any starting location for that piece type on your side of the board. Bishops are allowed to be on the same color.

If your roll is greater than your opponents but less than 3 times greater, then you may add any pawn piece your opponent has already captured to any vacant location on your 2nd row. Pawns placed in this way are still allowed their double step move option and en passant is allowed like normal. If your rolls are equal, then nothing happens. If your roll is less than your opponent, then you pick any piece of theirs that you have captured and return it to any of your opponent’s vacant starting squares of the same piece type.

Only one effect maximum may happen after each roll and it must be the one with the highest value. If it is impossible to perform an effect, then that effect is skipped, and nothing happens. If the roll calculation is a fraction, round down. The perspective of the end of turn rolling effect is always from the player who just performed a move. You must perform the action even if you don’t want to. Check and checkmate are only calculated after rolling.

When you checkmate your opponent, you each roll a 12-sided die. If they roll a 12 and you roll a 1 then they win the game instead of you. If not, then you win.


  1. Me after seeing this: MATH CHESS CAME OUT?!?!

  2. I think I'll go learn 5D Chess with time travel, this is to hard for me.

  3. If you roll an 11 and your opponent rolls a 0, you can play the card Pot of Greed. This card allows you to draw two cards from the deck and place them in your hand.

  4. Which tf part of that game is yu-gi-oh??? There is no i summon 81 queens to the field, sacrifice your piece to side of board, turn them back to board, then banish them to trash can, using piece-trap to explode your opponent side, there is no exodia to send opponent to shadow realm

    its god dang DnD Chess ☠️

  5. You can tell he's still annoyed by Master Duel, and I am here for it

  6. Help, I can hear the phrase "You Triggered my Trap Card!" when he moves

  7. Man still seeths with rage about Yu Gi Oh,and proceeded to create a game that is honestly more fun then Yu Gi Oh will ever hope for,and by default,more fun then regular chess could ever hope for.

  8. He made this up just to mock Yugioh lol

  9. What a poser. He doesn’t even have a wrist-mounted duel board.

  10. Finally i can move their queen to the shadow realm

  11. Can't wait to play this on my roof and stand on the edge when we roll the dice.

  12. I guess it's named Yu GI oh because it's overly complicated and you can you in one turn

  13. Yugioh now is all about the whole META combo that does OTK everytime they goes first

  14. Yugiho because no one know how the game works

  15. Part 12 of asking Triple S Games to make a How to Play Oat Jenkins Chess 2

  16. As an avid fan of Euro-games, the amount of dices used caused me to have a heart attack.

    Edit: It's "dice" not "dices", but I'm not changing it.

  17. Did they also roll a dice to name this game?

  18. Spell Card: Chess Field
    When a monster with "Chess Piece" in it's card named is summoned to the field you can Special Summon another "Chess Piece" monster of the same level from your hand.

  19. Reading the name of the game, all I could say is, "What the heck is this!?"

  20. Finally, a chess variation I can win Magnus with

  21. Is it possible to remake the original Uno game video?

  22. I think we'll stick to the cards, i have a hard enough time reading the effects 😅

  23. Just like normal yugioh, this is overly complicated and not fun.

  24. you ever feel like this guy just makes up some of these games

  25. How is this yu gi oh? This Is just being lucky and instantly winning the game… Ohhh now i get it

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